Wow, in the end there are even 32 tips for that muscle building geworden! Immer wieder interessant zu lesen, auch wenn die meisten bereits bekannt sind!

1. Protein-containing diet!

The best training is of no use if the body does not receive the necessary energy. As a rule of thumb for building muscle, you can keep 2-3g of protein per pound of body weight, divided into about 6 meals a day. Top 20 foods for muscle growth

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2. Cardio after weight training!

Usually done at the beginning of the training, but should be at the finish muscle building necessarily after the strength training done. So you have maximum energy / strength to stimulate your muscles. In the subsequent cardio, you no longer need this "maximum strength".

3. Change your training method from time to time!

For the muscle building / definition should you from time to time yours training method, Here are some information about training variants:

4. Less is more in the goal of building muscle

The body needs recovery. Do not train the same muscle groups within 48 hours. Split your workout if you exercise more than 3 times a week.

5. To the women: Do not be afraid of weights

Women have 20-30x less testosterone as men. testosterone ist ein sehr entscheidendes Hormon für den Muskelaufbau. Deshalb empfehlen wir für einen straffen Körper auch der Frau beispielsweise die HIT Methode. Der Muskel muss gereizt und nicht gekizelt werden!

Further information:

6. Drink water and unsweetened tea and avoid soft drinks

1 liter per 20 kg body weight (+ 1 liter additional per intensive training session) is very important for the body. If you are well below that value, step up slowly, you'll get used to the crowd.

7. With compact exercises to success

at compact exercises a lot of muscles are stressed at the same time and thus at the finish muscle building an absolute must. This is stress for the body and increases the release of growth hormones. More about compact exercises

8. Continuous weight gain

Try to increase the weights every week, even if it's 0.5 kilos. That's a remarkable achievement over a year. It is important that you can continue to do the exercise properly. Let your ego out in the gym, go to the limit, advanced to muscle failure!

9. Music

Motivating music can boost performance by up to 20%! more on the subject how the music can push your workouts

10. Pay attention to the recovery time and enough sleep

Ruhephasen für die Muskeln sind sehr wichtig, die Muskeln brauchen Zeit um sich zu erholen. Nach einem harten Training braucht der Muskel mindestens 48h Erholung. Beim Schlafen empfehlen wir, den 1.5h Schlafrhytmus einzuhalten, z.B. 7.5h sind besser als 8.0h.

11. Train from big to small

Train large muscle groups in the beginning. Smaller muscles often take on an auxiliary function and are automatically trained. How so? When the auxiliary muscles are first exhausted, the "main muscle" can no longer be completely irritated. Keep smaller muscles (eg biceps, triceps, calves) irritated for the end of training

12. Introduce exercise periodization for optimal muscle growth

Every six to eight weeks regularly change the type of training. The body quickly gets used to an effort and then the training success stagnates.

13. Inquire about the different muscle building training methods

There are many different ones training methods such as HIT, volume training, capillary training, supercompensation, negative repeats, etc. Advanced athletes can venture on so-called Gigstensätze by combining three exercises for the same muscle, without taking a break. Maximum 8 repetitions with maximum weight. Here are different opinions, the best you choose the ones that work best for you!

14. Post-Workout Supplements

It is important that you provide your body with the necessary energy quickly after the tremendous physical effort. The bodybuilder also refers to the time after training as a "window of opportunity" (or an anabolic window) because the nutrients then have the greatest possible effect on the body muscle building to have.

Our tip:

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15. Periodically record progress

Hold your results periodically, eg weekly, with pictures. Experience shows that Libra is definitely not the best way to track progress. Alternatively or additionally, you can also use a tape measure or a grease gun.

16th training partner

With the right training partner, you can go to your limits and achieve faster progress. But beware: An unmotivated training partner can do the opposite. In such a case it is better to train again alone!

Further advantages and disadvantages of training partners

17. Learn from experienced athletes

Especially as a beginner, it makes sense to train with an experienced strength athlete, to check whether you are doing the "right" exercises for his goal and really performs correctly!

18. Warm up and do not forget cooldown

Prevent injuries and warm up for about 5 minutes before exercising. The body must be brought to operating temperature and then brought down again.

19. Stretching

The effect of stretching is often underestimated even among experienced fitness givers. Test the effect, stretching the muscle groups you train for 5 min. Before and after the workout. Often a positive effect on recovery and performance is noted. Joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments can stiffen and restrict freedom of movement. A lack of flexibility in the effort of a weight can quickly stretch the muscle too far and the tendons and ligaments lead to strains and sprains. Therefore, a short stretch before it can lead to a positive effect.

20. Note calorie intake

For bodybuilding, the body needs a slight calorie surplus of about 500 calories.

21. Healthy fatty acids

Not all fats are bad! The rule of thumb here says about 0.3g of fat per kg of body weight. Make sure you eat mostly polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Examples: rapeseed, walnut and linseed oil. They are also included in fatty fish, nuts and avocados.

22. Milk protein (casein) in the evening

The so-called night protein has the positive property that it is slowly absorbed by the body and thus provides the body with a long protein storage. Casein proteins (eg lowfat quark, Cottage cheese) can provide the body with valuable amino acids for up to 8 hours.

23. Watch your base budget

Only a healthy and active body builds muscle.

24. Find the right training time

It is quite possible that in the evening (after work / school) you will not be able to do 100% more work. Take the opportunity if you can work out before work / school or at noon. As a rule, you will eat more consciously in the time after training.

25. Go to the sports / fitness center!

Register in the gym, if you have not already done so, there is motivation and like-minded people! For most, home is a retreat / resort with plenty of distraction. Since the tormenting quickly hard once!

26. Do your own cooking instead of buying ready meals / fast foods and eating

No time to cook for yourself? Set priorities. McDonald's and other ready meals are definitely not an alternative food for a healthy and fit body. Concentrate on the essentials and eliminate superfluous items such as trash TV programs. Where there is a will, there is a way!

27. Abs are made in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, no fairy tale, your six-pack is only visible with a good diet. Otherwise, the abdominal muscles prefer to make themselves comfortable behind the fat reserves! - Abdominal tips

28. Learn yours Body (typ) know

Not everyone has the same conditions, problem areas, etc. Gain own experience and test different training approaches. Maybe the determination of your own will help you Körpertypes (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph) also on.

29. Mental preparation

It does not matter if before the training or before a specific exercise. With your will, your attitude, you can move mountains. If your mind is ready for training, even a children's playground can become the best gym in the world!

30. Waiver of alcohol

Alcohol should be avoided especially during the building phase. Of course it makes up the crowd here, depending on the objective you should reduce the alcohol to a minimum!

Link tip about alcohol

31. Train the whole body!

Often, especially beginners neglect crucial muscle groups (eg leg, buttocks, lower back muscles). This can lead to physical problems, lack of core stability and, or at some point, stop progress.

32. Self-discipline, motivation, perseverance-will

Set several small realistic intermediate goals and do not let any training fail. Part of that is being selfish and defending your scheduled training times! And the most important thing: motivate yourself daily on the fitness magnet fanpage!

Finally: This is not meant to be a holy bible for the muscle building be. In the end, everyone has to know what he cares about and what is important to him. There are different opinions and partly based on tips on their own experiences. Not every body (type) responds the same. Discipline, stamina, ambition in training and nutrition - and you too will succeed.

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