Exercising and building muscle are great fun if you can see the results faster and your diet helps redefine your body. Although the following tips are known, there can always be a new incentive when you see them in front of you. Just think about 20 tips or rules that make for a well-toned body and even more fun in training:

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1 · Viele Proteine zu sich nehmen

Proteins fulfill a variety of tasks in the cells and especially in the muscles! They give the cells structure and help build the muscles. If you eat just over 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, you'll greatly improve the conditions for muscle growth.

2 · Die richtige Proteinquelle wählen

In the diet with proteins you can choose from very different sources of protein. Protein is best in combination with as few fats as possible, for example protein as a dietary supplement or even the diet with low-fat fish and poultry (such as chicken breast).

3 · Geeignete Kohlenhydrate zu sich nehmen

Similarly, with the carbohydrate intake for your body and your muscles: Nurture yourself complex Carbohydrates such as porridge, brown rice, sweet potatoes, wholemeal pasta, etc. 

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4 · Unterscheide gesunde und ungesunde Fette 

Many body functions such as brain activity and heartbeat, hormone control and energy balance work with healthy fats (unsaturated fatty acids). Healthy, good fat is found in foods such as fish, avocado, peanut butter, fatty dressings and similar sources. 

5 · Obst und Gemüse als Bestandteil der Ernährung

Fruits and vegetables are a diverse and healthy food source. In addition to healthy fructose and vitamins, they contain ball substances and much more. Think of different events in the field of athletics or strength training: There are always plenty of fruit and vegetables available.

6 · Die richtige Menge zu sich nehmen

Do not eat too much. With different formulas (like the Harris-Benedict formula) or other comparison methods you can calculate the calorie requirement. The rule is: do not eat more calories than you consume! This behavior would not lead to more muscle mass, but to more fat. 

7 · Während des Muskelaufbaus nur 200-400 Kalorien mehr am Tag

If you want to keep your weight, but want to strengthen your body with more muscle, then you just have to eat a little more calories than before. So about 200 to 400 calories more a day are enough to reach your goals. 

8 · Denke an Ballaststoffe 

With the balanced nutrition you should think before and after the training always on the roughage. 

9 · Bei einer Diät weniger essen

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters want to reduce their body fat percentage just before a competition. Then you reduce the calorie intake by a value of 200 to 400 calories a day to maintain the muscles and reduce fat. 

10 · Proteine bereits zum Frühstück

After getting up, you should take proteins. For example, the egg whites from several eggs and an egg yolk. Eggs are good to digest and a great source of amino acids. Medical research has shown that having a breakfast of protein provides a steady blood sugar balance and improves your metabolism throughout the day. 

11 · Komplexe Kohlenhydrate zum Frühstück

You should combine the proteins for breakfast with complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates with a little fiber are perfect for starting your day. 

12 · Kohlenhydrate als Treibstoff für das Workout 

The best time to take carbs for the workout is about 1 hour before training. So you have enough energy for the entire workout. Ideal amount: 50 to 100 g of carbohydrates.

13 · Schnell wirkende Proteine vor dem Training 

The ideal time to provide the muscles with fast-acting amino acids. Trump here is protein or whey powder. The high, fast supply of protein will provide the muscle with protein and prepare it perfectly for the muscle building process. Recommendation: 20 to 30 grams before training. 

14 · Nach dem Training mit schnell wirkenden Proteinen nachfüllen

After training, there is a significant need for the muscles to start the build process. The best time is within 30 minutes after the end of the training. When you consume about 40 to 50 grams of protein whey powder or protein, you'll perfect the effects of the workout. 

15 · Einfache, schnelle Kohlenhydrate nach dem Training 

After exercise, the best combination for the diet is the intake of simple, fast carbohydrates 

16 · Erhalte den Trainingserfolg durch richtige Ernährung

Keep in mind that the reshaping of your body will continue between sessions. So if your muscles are working on the strain internally after intense training, growing and the muscle fibers want to gain a new strength, then you should not complicate the training success by too much fat. 

17 · Abends weniger Kohlenhydrate 

Carbohydrates are used in the right combination with proteins as wonderful building materials for your body. Depending on the time of day, however, you should vary your diet: In the evening a little less carbohydrates, so that more fat is burned. In addition, a protein source mt low fiber. How about a chicken or meat salad with some oil dressing? 

18 · Variiere die Kalorienaufnahme 

The body adapts very quickly to a new diet and the new number of calories consumed. You can keep your body adaptable and curious by taking a normal calorie count on some days and increasing your intake of food on others.

19 · Verlasse den Ernährungsplan und gönne dir einmal die Woche etwas 

Tension is just as much a part of successful training as it is relaxation. Therefore, you can treat your body once a week and break out of the daily diet, as long as you do not burden the metabolism with tons of alcohol or fast food (ie "bad" fats). 

20 · Die Wirkung kommt mit der Zeit 

Our 20th Nutrition Tip refers to the gradual transformation of the body and the better body feeling: The fun of training sets in immediately and the body feeling improves from day to day. Nevertheless, there are no miracles overnight! So take some time to see the changes in your body and feel more confident.

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