A defined body is characterized by a minimal amount of fat. Only when the skin is almost fat-free, the muscles in their beauty to advantage. As always in bodybuilding, definition is also a question of training and nutrition, Here's what you need to do to make your muscles look competitive. We'll show you the ultimate tips for definition.

Tip 1: If cardio, then HIIT

Remember that you are not a stamina athlete. If you include cardio units in your program, they must be effective in a short time. That is only possible HIITwhere you chase up your heart rate in maximum zones. Here are two programs for HIIT. The first is the 30-30 program. You take a cardio device of your choice and warm up for about 5 minutes. After the warm-up follow sequences with 30 seconds of maximum load and 30 seconds of regeneration. You choose the load intensity so that you can do just that 30 seconds. A variant of this is mountain-on-sprints. These are in the rhythm 10-50, ie 10 seconds full throttle uphill and 50 seconds regeneration. Again, you choose a speed where you just master the 10-second sprint. You do these HIIT units for about 10 to 15 minutes. Can you make it longer, you have not trained hard enough.

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Tip 2: No one-sided diet

You also need all the important components of a healthy meal for the defined body. These are proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a healthy mix. You take proteins every two to three hours, which means you take 5 to 7 meals a day. Proteins are the constant of your diet because they are based on regeneration and muscle building. Fats and carbohydrates accompany your meals. You should not mix fats and carbohydrates. Because the carbohydrates released insulin leads to increased fat storage, which you want to avoid. Carbs are good for breakfast to recharge and replenish glycogen stores. Carbohydrates are also useful before and after training. Especially in regeneration, so as not to starve when your glycogen stores are empty due to hard training. But not only the composition of the meals are important for the definition.

Tip 3: Diet planning is everything

Plan your meals with care, then nothing can change your path. Think carefully about what you will eat for breakfast, pre-workout meal and post-workout meal. Make sure your fridge is always filled with the right foods and that you have the right meals while exercising. If you do not plan, you'll lose the temptations of one or the other snack, which brings nothing but empty carbohydrates and bad fats. But do not take it too seriously, once you have beaten the severity. Just try to get back into your plan, then you can also sin with chocolate.

Tip 4: Heavy weights for definition

No matter which exercise you choose, the workout weight should allow a maximum of 6 to 10 reps. Only then do you set an effective training stimulus. Because you put a training stimulus, if you load your muscle up to the local exhaustion. This is because additional muscle fibers build up and the muscle gains in size for an optimal definition. It makes no sense to suddenly increase to 20 repetitions after a successful muscle-building phase. This stagnates muscle growth and definition. Only heavy weights maintain the metabolism that causes your muscles to burn fat even while you sleep.

Tip 5: Drink enough water for the optimal definition

As you know, 75% of muscle is water. Only if you drink enough water will your muscles stay in good shape. Water is not just life, it has several advantages for the perfect definition. It's very filling, preventing food cravings and sweetening your kids' candy supplies. In addition, you get with water your metabolism at a constant level. This also affects the ATP stores of your muscles, which you activate by drinking enough. Just splashed with a protein concentrate, water is the ideal drink, especially after a hard workout.

Conclusion - definition is not rocket science

If you stick to these 5 tips, nothing can go wrong in terms of your looks and your body. We hope these 5 tips will motivate you to engage in dedicated training and look forward to comments and opinions on this topic.

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