The metabolism, too metabolism called, is responsible for the maintenance of bodily functions. Here biochemical processes in the body substances are supplied and transported as well as degraded back to the environment. Without these processes, the human body could not exist. The preservation, the structure of the body becomes anabolism, to German building material change, called, the energy production becomes catabolism, to German energy metabolism, called.

The metabolism in weight training 

In weight training, metabolism plays an important role. When the metabolism is cranked up, more fat is burned. This is especially important in cardio training. A high basal metabolic rate (at rest) burns more calories when your metabolism is functioning properly. How can you achieve this goal? As a first step, you should build muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more basal metabolism you have. Through optimal metabolism, you burn more calories during exercise and fat is broken down. Dietary supplements such as carnitine provide an additional effect. Next, you can lower the room temperature, because the body has to spend more energy to maintain body temperature. In general, the faster and therefore more effective the metabolism, the more energy is consumed. But you should pay attention to the right and balanced food intake. Carbohydrates and protein are important to the body. Also lean meat or fish is highly recommended. However, you should avoid too much saturated fatty acids as far as possible. Drinking is the motto, preferably water or green tea. This purifies in addition. In addition, it also boosts the metabolism in this way. 

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How can the metabolism be optimized or stimulated? 

Through a high base conversion energy is consumed even when at rest. The more muscle you have, the more energy is consumed. During training, many calories are burned and the metabolism boosted. So you will burn fat. If you want to stimulate your metabolism, there is a simple rule: Have a positive attitude to this topic and also to your body. Stress is the number one killer if you want to achieve this goal. Stress can also be caused by the wrong food choice. These include in particular ready meals containing many additives and harmful salt. If the body has stress, then the entire metabolism can not function optimally, which is not good for your body in the long run. Sufficient sleep, daily relaxation exercises such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation and the omission of false foods will help you. A pleasant side effect is that you will lose weight. Because the metabolism works optimally, you will lower your body fat and build muscle mass. With the right training and a balanced diet you will reach your goal. So you see how important it is for your body metabolism to function optimally. If it is too slow, you can still train so much, but you will not be able to break down body fat. Besides, you will feel tired. With the right nutrition, dietary supplements such as carnitine and the right level of training, you will lose fat and stimulate your metabolism. It is possible for anyone with little effort to achieve this goal. 

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