Can 4 minutes of training actually be enough to burn fat? YES - but only if you can go to your own limit during this time!

The basis of the Tabata training is 4 minutes of intensive training, whereby as many and large muscles are stressed.

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The process of the training method sounds very simple, but at the same time incredibly difficult to implement because you are at your own limit during this time. Who does not 100%, and since I really 100%, rausholt out of himself, who tortures himself for nothing!

Most athletes therefore tend to try it once, agree with the method, and never put the word in their mouths.

And this is how it works: 20 seconds maximum body strain, followed by 10 seconds rest and a total of 8 times. A nice idea that the training is already done after 4 minutes, BUT: these 240 seconds have it all: Who does not go to his absolute maximum, the torments in vain.

Here is a Tabata example with sprints:

  1. Make a 20-second sprint and go totally to your limit.
  2. Run for 10 seconds, relax, pause
  3. Repeat step 1 + 2 again 7 times (total 8 times).


10-second breaks

One thing should be clear: a 10-second break between sets is not enough to have a drink or talk briefly with a colleague over the last weekend. Take a deep breath 2-3 times, position correctly and then focus on the next movement.


For the 4-minute fun you need a watch with second hand or someone who keeps track of the time and phrases for you. Especially at the beginning, the second option is recommended, as one is glad at a maximum load not to have to count.

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If you plan another workout on the same day, put Tabata training on the back row. After 4 minutes of exhaustion you will not have much motivation for another training session.

Optimum weight and pace of repetitions

Between 11 and 15 repetitions per set is considered optimal. If you've never done Tabata before, use 1/4 of your normal weight as a rule of thumb.


During the 4 minutes

The first 20 seconds you ask yourself, I do everything right, maybe I took too little weight? In sentence 2 you already notice a bit of his muscles and wonder how the whole thing develops. 1 minute is over and the 3rd set is already starting to move. Luckily, there will be a break of 10 seconds. 1min'30: Could it be that I overestimated with the weight, is damn exhausting. It's halftime ... What was it that I was thinking about doing Tabata, why am I tormenting myself like that? Min'30: I can not anymore. 3Min: Wow how did I do it so far, still 2 sentences c'mon! The last sentence, everything hurts, these 20 seconds, I hold through now synonymous. Done, how did I do it, why did I do this to me?

After training

So about 1 hour after the workout, maybe after a shower, when the work starts, you feel physically and mentally amazingly well, a lot better than after 60 minutes of endurance training. For the next 1-2 days Tabata will be well remembered for sore muscles.

240 painful seconds

Why should I do this to myself? The Tabata method is the best fat burning program I know. In addition, it only takes 4 minutes, but it makes you sweat and wheeze. Someone who does Tabata regularly learns to focus mentally, eliminate the pain, and really know his physical limitations.

Suitable tabata training exercises

  • Different exercises can be used for Tabata training. The best thing is to choose an exercise that involves the whole body, or at least the main muscle groups.
  • Here is a selection of good exercises for Tabata: Barbells, dumbells, kettlebells or bodyweight exercises
  • Tabata delivers great results and takes very little time. If you have limited time, want to finish training quickly, or are looking for a way to end your training in a tough way, this training method is just the ticket.

Inventor and study of Tabata

Such a workout is a super fat killer. For weight loss, however, clearly a clean diet is required. On the Diet and Weight Loss with Diets page you can find more useful information on this topic.

The training method was developed by Izumi Tabata at the National Institute for Fitness and Sports in Tokyo (Japan).

6 Tabata fat burning workouts

The 5 best Tabata exercises

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