Sports and sex

muscle building

For most people, love and sex simply go together. The desire for sex is a completely natural and biological instinct, similar to the desire for food or drink. 

It is important that a person can also follow this sexual drive regularly, otherwise it can lead to frustration or even mental problems. 

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Sex is healthy and a true physical strength act. Thus, the pulse rises by 50-80 beats per minute, and also the respiratory rate and blood pressure skyrocket. This phenomenon is similar to the behavior of the human body during sports. 

The question of how sex and fitness are related and what interactions there are here has been discussed and researched for many years. However, the most modern findings show that sex and fitness belong together as well as sex and love.

Makes sex fit? - Does fitness make sexy?

For a long time there was a rumor, especially in professional team sports, that sex before sport has a huge negative impact on fitness and performance. However, it was not always easy to prove the opposite with the help of studies due to the variety of physical conditions and the different sexual preferences and habits. But a study in Switzerland has now brought the truth to light. A total of 16 top athletes had to have sex in the morning in the morning. Then her fitness was scrutinized. The next day, fitness and performance were tested without the subjects having sex before. The result puts an end to the long-standing rumors. In most cases, previous sex has no negative impact on fitness and exercise performance. Quite the contrary: many top athletes even say that sex helps them to better relax before a game or a competition and to be able to sleep.

In addition, sports also makes sexy. Here the women's world is especially sexy among men especially sports such as swimming and football. Men are in women on sports such. B. gymnastics and figure skating. But also many other sports find people in each other's sex sexy and sexy.

Sport and fitness promote a healthy sex life

Recent studies also show that who is fit and regularly doing sports, has a better and more fulfilling sex life as a sporty muffle. This applies especially to endurance athletes, but less so to the area of ​​weight training. However, it is clear that fitness and regular sports have a positive influence on the respective sex life. A regulated and satisfying sex life today is anything but taken for granted. In addition to the typical common diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases also include sexual dysfunction and an unsatisfactory sex life among the common disease patterns. Athletes live healthier, have more sex and thus promote their fitness and their health. You too can positively influence your fitness, your health and also your sex life by a good regular portion of sport, first of all endurance sports. That sport should help against depression is not a proven assumption. Rather, many doctors and scientists suspect that the improved sex life, just through the sport, has a positive effect on depression and bad moods.

Sex as a performance killer in sports?

In Switzerland, a research group from Geneva has nevertheless pursued this question. 16 top athletes from different disciplines were given an exact sex and training plan for two days.

  • At 6:00 am the athletes had to have "normal sex" with their accustomed partners at home in familiar surroundings.
  • Two hours later they were subjected to a first maximum load test on the bicycle ergometer in the laboratory. This test was then repeated at noon and later in the evening.

The same tests were done on another day, but without sex in the morning. Among other things, the maximum oxygen uptake, maximum performance and pulse and blood pressure behavior were checked.


  • Sprinter performed regardless of the stress of love already at the first test of their full performance.
  • Only footballers and cross-country skiers showed slight signs of fatigue and a slower recovery during the first load, whereas a 10-hour gap to the last use of love made these differences disappear again.
  • Fortunately, the differences between the various parameters were so small that subsequently the timing of the sexual contacts in the training plan was waived.

Some athletes even report that sex in the night before an important sporting event counteracts nervousness and sleep disorders and may be responsible for a much more restful sleep phase.

Sexuality and sports - are there any unsuitable sports?

Sport increases your fitness, is healthy and can positively influence your sex life. But here too there are exceptions. Not every sport is equally well suited here. So z. For example, it has been scientifically proven that cycling as early as 4 hours a week can have a negative effect on male potency. And even with women, this sport can have a negative impact. Here, with increased performance orgasm weaknesses or numbness in the genital area may be the result. And also sports with a negative calorie balance, which means that more colorings are burned than ingested, can have a negative impact on the sex life. So women often complain about cycle problems and sexual aversion. Sexual dysfunction often occurs in men who practice weight-lifting and may even take forbidden hormones for muscle growth. So you see, there are also sports that can have a negative impact on your sexual life. However, it is always important not to do too much and want to and always listen to his body.


Sex, sport and fitness belong together like the love for the fulfilled sex life. Nevertheless, you should always pay attention to you and your body. A little less is sometimes more here too. However, the assumption that sex has a negative effect on athletic fitness and performance is a rumor. Sport and sex complement each other ideally and go well together. Together, they often enable a healthier and more fulfilling life, free of depression, overweight and other illnesses.