Many athletes work hard on their upper body and neglect the training for their own thigh muscle, An aesthetic physique also consists of a massive leg muscles. Especially the thigh muscle can stand out here with mass and compensate for an over-trained upper body.

The thighbone is the origin and attachment of various muscles, such as the outer thigh or lower leg muscles. The actual thigh muscles, however, consist of the extensors, which are the anterior thigh muscle and the flexors, which form the posterior thigh muscle, as well as the pre-male or adductor, which are responsible for the inner thigh muscles. In the following we want to inform you more about the thigh muscles and their anatomy, function and special strength exercises for the muscle building of this muscle part.

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The four-headed thigh muscle or quadriceps femoris muscle consists of four muscle heads on the front of the thigh. The four heads are also called the right thigh muscle (rectus femoris muscle), the middle muscle (vastus medialis muscle), the middle broad muscle (vastus intermedius muscle), and the outer broad muscle (vastus lateralis muscle). The broad muscles arise at the femur and the iliac bone above the acetabular cup. The four muscles radiate into a common tendon that pulls to the Tuberositas tibiae. In this the kneecap or patella is stored. Below the patella, the tendon is also called patella ribbon.


The heads of the thigh muscle together stretch the knee joint. The straight muscle or rectus femoris muscle is also involved in the flexion of the hip joint. In the case of paralysis of the muscle, such as damage to the femoral nerve, the flexion of the knee can not be slowed down.

Effective exercises for the thigh muscle

Squats, lunges and deadlifts are the basic exercises for the development of a massive thigh. Below we have published a selection of different exercises to help you find the right exercises for your thigh muscle training program.

  • Front squats with barbell
  • Back squats with barbell
  • Hack squats with barbell
  • Jefferson Squat
  • Zecher Squat
  • Smith Machine Squat
  • leg Extension
  • Leg press with wide or narrow foot position
  • Hip Adductions
  • Hip Abductions
  • Deadlifts with dumbbell
  • Deadlifts with barbell

Special workouts for mass and muscle building of the thigh muscle

Workout 1

  • Squat with dumbbell
  • Leg press with wide foot position
  • Walking lunges
  • leg Extension

Workout 2

  • Squat with dumbbell
  • Squat with barbell
  • Deadlift with dumbbell
  • Barbell step-ups

Workout 3

  • Squat at the Smith Machine
  • Deadlift with barbell
  • Leg press with a narrow foot position
  • Lunges with dumbbell

Workout 4

  • Jefferson Squat
  • Deadlift at the Smith Machine
  • leg Press
  • Leg Extensions

Workout 5

  • Squat on one leg 3 x 8-12 (each leg)
  • Stretch jump out of the squat
  • Hip Adductions


A successful training for the thigh muscle is highly dependent on the correct execution of the individual exercises. A straight back in the Squats is a noteworthy example of how important certain movements and body positions are in the individual exercises. When you work hard on the thigh muscle, you quickly feel the "burning of the muscle," which means that the exercise is performed properly and the muscle you want to train intensively.

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