If we take it carefully, the time we live in is the best time for anyone who wants to know something about sports, fitness and nutrition. At the same time, it is also the worst time. Sounds funny, but it is. While we used to go to a library or bookstore to buy a book that might not have answered all the questions, but was at least double and triple-checked for its truth, this is different today. Anyone can set up a website or write an e-book and thus bring knowledge into the world. It's just stupid that there is a lot of dangerous semi-knowledge underneath that is particularly problematic for people who are unfamiliar with sports, nutrition and the processes in the organism. Of course, sports and nutrition science is always coming up with new things that can be used to optimize nuances. But the bottom line is that there are some indisputable factors that determine whether or not you reach your goal. And exactly these factors we want to dedicate ourselves in the following article.

1. Set a goal and prioritize it

There is no diet, no calories, no diet and no food choices that are universal for each goal. It is clear from this fact alone that the most important pillar of success is to define exactly what the goal is. Once the goal is found, it's time to focus all energy on it. For a considerable period of time and not just over three weeks. So, for example, if your goal is to gain 8 kilograms of muscle, find out what you need to do to achieve that goal. This results in the example given a priority list that looks like this: 1. calories 2. protein 3. Carbohydrates Of course, to build up that much muscle, you have to have a correspondingly big one Calorie surplus to have. Everything else is at first subordinate to this point. And even the quality of the food has the first priority over the quantity. Once you have a plan on how to meet your needs in general, you go over to clean eating, step by step, without shifting your priorities. The second priority is a significantly increased protein intakeBecause without enough protein, your body can not build muscle. It does not matter what is on any blog or anybody promises in a Youtube video with reference to its great natural product. If you neglect this point, you leave a lot of potential. In third place come finally the carbohydrateswith which you replenish your energy reserves. If you pursue your goal this way long enough, you will achieve it. But this principle can also be applied to any other fitness goal. All you have to do is follow the priority list and adjust both calories and protein and carbohydrate intake accordingly.

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2. Do not let your ways dissuade you

If you have a dog, you will know what happens when a squirrel crosses the path while walking. Your dog forgets everything around him and will do everything possible to chase after the squirrel. That he sometimes deviates far from the usual way, is obvious. This situation can be transferred one to one to the fitness world. There, however, there are short-term trends in the opaque diet jungle, which tempt you to leave your path and thus to step on the spot the bottom line. The secret of sustainable success is thus to follow a strategy once found in the long term and not on the next diet train every 1-2 months, just because somewhere in the network once again someone ensures that a new trend makes the rounds. If you want to find out if a diet really works, you have to follow it for at least six months.

3. Focus on the big construction sites

As we indulge in the basic tenor of countless food blogs, the field of nutrition is an extremely complicated matter that is difficult to understand. If we lose ourselves too much in detail and are looking for the optimization potential in the decimal range, that is also quite true. On the other hand, taking the astronaut's perspective, by zooming out a bit, we can identify a few large blocks that really matter in terms of nutrition. According to the Pareto principle, you can thus achieve 80 percent of the success with only 20 percent of the total effort. But what are the big blocks that really matter? Your environment: Living in a candy store while having a successful diet is an impossibility. It's similar to your environment, because if it's not nutritionally aligned with your goal, you'll never reach that goal. So if you want to lose weight, banish all the sweets from your apartment and avoid the food stalls. In return, top up your snack cabinets with healthy, protein-rich foods, because then even a slip-up is not that important. Your calorie balance: Everything rises and falls with your calorie balance. No matter what is said elsewhere: Do you take more to yourself than you consume, you are gaining. If you consume more energy than you eat, you lose weight. Point! Everything else is in turn detail work. The food quality: Of course you can also lose weight by feeding cupcakes and muffins. This alone proves the existence of the calorie balance. However, the quality of the food you use is a great lever that will help you improve your results significantly. However, you do not have to start buying exotic ingredients from Asia and South America for expensive money, which in the eyes of the locals there are nothing but potatoes, beans or semolina for us. Make sure you buy natural products and make them fresh. That's usually enough.

4. There is no magic diet

Especially today, when we are used to the fact that everything is always faster and we can have a lot at the touch of a button, it is difficult to accept that our body unfortunately is ticking differently. It takes time for us to build up 10 kilograms of muscle. Just as it takes a while to lose 10 kilograms of body fat that we have eaten for years. You do not need fads, ebooks for $ 50, or video courses that promise you a bargain price of $ 300, that you can achieve your goals with a very special method without much effort. Most of these programs actually work. However, they work because they are based on the most basic principles of nutrition and are wrapped in a glittering coat. 


Become clear about what you want to achieve. Learn to understand your goals. Do not let yourself be distracted by fads and trends, but pursue your goals with the precision of a laser. Concentrate on the three pillars that provide you with 20 percent of the effort 80 percent of the success and quickly forget the thought that there is a shortcut to your dream body about miracle diets.

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