The 3 body types

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Ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic - which is my body type? If you exercise regularly and eat well, you lose weight. At least that's the way it is said. But some can eat what they want, they are losing weight rather than too much. Even training does not strike them. And others are already picking up when they just look at a roast pork. How does that explain itself? Cause are genetically conditioned, individual body types. You decide how your body absorbs nutrients. We distinguish the three body types endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic. You can not change the diet type. He is given to you from birth. But you can adapt to your body type through training and nutrition. The exciting questions are: What characterize the different body types, how do you train, if a certain body type is present? These questions answered this post.

Recognize the body type

How do you know if you are ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic? The best way to go to the sports physician who examines you thoroughly. It recognizes your body type, body weight, body size, the width of your bones, the thickness of your skin and the size of your arms and legs. Let us examine this in detail.

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Ektomorph - dry as a beanstalk

Very slim and slender you come therefore. The body uses energy comparatively ineffective. Are you ectomorphic, you hardly put on fat. Unfortunately, you hardly build muscle, but look like a scrawny skeleton. Those who are ectomorphic hardly build muscle, their body fat percentage is low. Often tall, the posture is more bent forward. It features a narrow chest, narrow and drooping shoulders and a long, thin musculature. Being ectomorphic means having long legs and a rather short upper body. The body looks like a H, both in men and in women. The hair is rather thin and of low density and you look fragile overall, thin and delicate. How should you feed yourself if you are ectomorphic? Decisive are high-quality foods that are of high quality and have a high density of nutrients. Even more important are the amount and frequency of daily meals. You have to feed yourself beyond your hunger. Count the number of your calories so that you absorb enough energy. You should also eat solid meals several times a day. Exercise ectomorph, how does it work? The training goal is muscle building. Cardio units that consume a lot of energy should be avoided. Ideal is a training that is short and intense and that gives you enough time to regenerate. Three training sessions a week are enough. You should also avoid too many sentences and too many repetitions. This applies to both men and women. So can build a good body that is ectomorphic body type.

Mesomorph - the hero character

This is the athletic type whose body has a V-shape from the hip. For women, it's the very feminine X-shape. Are you mesomorph, your muscles are strong, voluminous and pronounced. Only in the area of ​​the abdomen and the hip like to form fat deposits. Through training, the mesomorphic type easily builds muscle, and has a low body fat percentage in a reasonable lifestyle. Your physique is mesomorphic, with plenty of muscle and a strong body and a nice upright posture, with a large chest and narrow hips. Your hair growth is strong, the skin tight. The facial features are striking with pronounced cheekbones, which can look very attractive to the lady. As an athlete, you have very good conditions. If you are mesomorphic, you will regenerate quickly and have excellent potential for building muscle. This type creates the ideal conditions for the ideal image of the perfect body. He is predestined for a crisp six-pack and the appearance of a Hollywood hero. If you are mesomorphic, you should still pay attention to your diet. Your diet includes many high-quality foods that increase muscle growth and increase fat burning. But you do not have to count calories. How do you train as a mesomorphic type? Here you have all liberties. You can train harder and longer than the ectomorphic type. But do not overdo it and pay attention to the training-promoting alternation between stress and regeneration. Also cardio units are not a problem. Otherwise, sensibly structured training plans are important to you if you want to reach your training goals efficiently. If you are mesomorphic, you will succeed relatively easily and quickly. You can look forward to many successful experiences. The endomorphic body type does not succeed so easily.

Endomorph - strength and body like Obelix

Are you endomorph, you build muscle just as fast as fat. In bodybuilding this type is called softgainer. They increase by attachment of water and fat, rather than through muscles. The result is a stocky round appearance, in men this is the type of construction worker, in women the house-mother. If you are endomorphic, your muscles appear soft with broad shoulders and a large rib cage. Your regeneration ability is good, you build up well muscles with proper training, but then have more of a roundish appearance. The strength of your body is the fat storage and that is also your biggest problem. Because losing weight is very difficult for you. Are you endomorphic, discipline is required during training and strictest calorie counting while eating. How do you feed yourself when you are endomorphic? Look for carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and foods that accelerate fat burning in the body. High-quality proteins and healthy fats are part of your diet. Lead a lifestyle with a lot of exercise. For fat burning use cardio units. These may be long enough for your cells, especially your mitochondria, to burn more fat. Strength training helps you build your muscles. But do not overdo it. Three sessions a week are enough for a varied workout with strength and cardio units. Strength training requires 3 sets of 6 to 12 repetitions per exercise. With discipline, being endomorphic is no problem.

Classification idealtypisch

Ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic, in pure form these body types rarely exist. Everyone is one mixed typewhich tends more or less to one of the body types. It also depends on your training condition, how strong your respective type is. If you do not exercise regularly, your best genes will not help you.


If you want to train properly, make sure that your body type is more ectomorphic, mesomorphic, or endomorphic. Let yourself be thoroughly examined by a good and experienced sports physician. Once you understand how your body genes are knit, you will be better able to balance your strength training and diet. We wish you much success.