If you want to transform your body and feel the muscles and the strength, then you will feel after one to two weeks changes to the body and also your thinking and feeling. You are too self-confident about what you have accomplished, and you are probably watching the people you meet quite differently. Suddenly, you clearly see people who let themselves go and get out of shape and others who steel their bodies. At the beginning you will not be able to achieve the perfect training and sometimes mistakes will slip in as well. But you can avoid some of the most common mistakes with a little bit of awareness. Therefore, here is our top 10 of the biggest mistakes and also the error avoidance:

10th place: Do not do the exercises properly

Especially at the beginning you should take a close look at each individual exercise. The optimal effect on the power delivery and the You gain muscle when you first study the exercises without maximum load. The complex and correct movements are important to train the muscles. Much like a half-done sit-up does not really tighten the abdominal muscles, putting it off too early will reduce the training effect. So be honest with yourself and start the sentence with a lower weight, but the perfect execution. This is how the right movements for maximum training success grind.

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9th place: Shining machines during training instead of defined muscles

Many bodybuilders and strength athletes succumb to the fascination of silvery gleaming engines and stations way too fast or too often. However, the best tools to rebuild your muscles are and will continue to be dumbbells and weight bars. The load can be effortlessly and steplessly enlarged and reduced by means of weight plates. On the basis of the kilo number, the load can also be calculated better and more clearly than, for example, with the resistance of a fitness band.

8th place: Use too heavy weights

Optimal muscle growth is only possible if your muscles are stressed during exercise but not overloaded. The best muscle growth you achieve during training at least 8 to 12 repetitions, according to the error prevention of the "10. Error ", however, should also be carried out cleanly.

7th place: Lack of hydration

Especially during intensive training, you should think about the functions of the body and the development of strength and endurance. Just a few percent too little fluid in the body reduce the performance enormously. Incidentally, this applies regardless of the training state or the time of day of your workout. So take enough fluid before training. Once you feel thirsty, then you have already given away a few percent performance and performance in your training.

6th place: Never push the boundaries

If you never vary or increase the number of sets or repetitions, or the weight you use during exercise, you will not feel the limits of muscle strain, and you will not feel the body's potential! So shift your limits and feel directly how your body is getting more powerful. Think back to your very first weight training and how far you have already come through the training.

5th place: find the ideal alternation between stress and relief

Through training, you trigger very intensive metabolic and growth processes. Especially during the very first workout, you will certainly notice this effect and should not forget it. A sore muscle indicates the most obvious form of muscle demand after a break. An interval of at least one, or even better, two days is optimal, so that the muscles can regenerate and "regrow" or adapt to the new requirements.

4th place: forget some muscle groups

You get the perfect body when you also do the not so interesting exercises and preparations for training. Remember to warm up, so that there is no muscle hardening. Or the back muscles, which give the body even more support and stability. Although they do not look so impressive, such as triceps and biceps, but are still important for the perfect body.

3rd place: During training starve the body

This training mistake is very significant because it throws you back a few days and you might even lose the fun of training. Especially in the first weeks of training, the body turns to the new requirements and the muscles begin to grow. However, it takes time for the body to change its fat content or water content. Therefore, it is quite possible that you misinterpret a weight gain. So look at your body and enjoy how your muscles and physique change. Support the training by the appropriate diet or dietary supplements.

2nd place: do not fully use the mobility of the muscles

This error is closely related to Error 10, where individual exercises are not performed correctly and completely. The point here is that you do not choose your exercises well and do not use the full range of motion or range of muscle. If you use too heavy a weight, you might do the exercises very quickly - to get the number of repetitions. It is much better, however, to work with a slightly lighter weight. Then focus on the slowness of the exercise and really feel right how the muscles work and bend and stretch. By doing so, you stress the muscle strands in the full line and prevent a slightly reduced range of motion, for example, if you bend or stretch the individual muscles only a few centimeters or a few degrees.

1st place: The training no longer varies

Soon you will feel the tremendous power your body develops during training. Oxygen rushes through your body and you also produce much more hormones and growth substances. With all the positive effects of training, you should remain variable in some ways. Similar to how a runner occasionally changes course and rewards a special track, you should also vary the training. Not only do you speak to other muscle groups, but you also ensure that the fun of training is maintained. If you at least avoid the majority of these mistakes or mitigate something, then you will have even more fun and success in training.

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