You're training and exercising, but your abs are just not visible? You do not want to reach the ultimate definition in less than a month? Then we have some tips for you to keep in mind. No matter how much cardio you do or how many weights you can lift: no sensible Nutrition you will torpedo your goals yourself. Because just a few burgers here and a quick pizza there can throw you off your path and ruin your hard training. Not for nothing do the pros stick to strict diet plans for weeks. You want to look like a professional? Then you should stick to a few rules. Here you can find the nutrition plan that can change everything ...

No exceptions, no excuses

Finding out if a plan really works for you must be done with cheating, exceptions, and disposing-never-once. With this mentality you will never judge if something works for you. Whether it's training or your meal plan. Be honest with yourself and do not blame your plan if it does not work. Commit yourself for a while, give everything and then judge what successes have set.

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What should your diet look like in the near future?

Eat at least 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight daily. You need this amount of protein so that your body has enough material to build muscle. If you choose chicken, cottage cheese, lean meat, and lean fish, you automatically forgo high fat intake. Sometimes it can be really hard to cover this amount with your daily meals. Protein shakes will help you here. They do not burden your body if you do not want to overeat, and easily replace a meal. Limit your carbohydrate intake to 100 to 150 grams daily. Too many carbohydrates can cause water retention and make you look undefined. They can cause food cravings and they are not among the essential substances your body needs. At least not in unlimited quantities. If you want to do yourself an extra favor, cover your needs with legumes, whole grains, low-sugar fruits (eg berries instead of bananas), salads and vegetables. You not only supplement important vitamins and minerals, but you keep your blood sugar levels in check. Watch for enough fluid. The best choice is pure water. Of course, you can also grab unsweetened tea, fruit juice spritzers and light lemonades, if only water gets too boring for you. But try to drink as much water as you can. Mineral water can also bring you some benefits as your body swamps many minerals through hard workouts and heavy sweating. Sometimes we also interpret thirst as hunger. So if you get hungry even though you've just eaten, grab a glass of water first. Maybe you were just dehydrated.

How to maintain your motivation

Surely you know that too: In the beginning you are fired up for your new plan and can not wait to get in the starting holes. But gradually dissatisfaction spreads and the devil on your right shoulder, who at first only whispers, gets louder and more obtrusive. From the whisper a screaming and you succumb to the temptation. No drama, if it is a single minor exception. You will not regain the laboriously lost pounds by a tiny slip-up. The stupid thing about slips, however, is that they can undermine your motivation tremendously and this cheating becomes a permanent state ... 1. Keep reminding yourself that this is only a limited state of emergency of 28 days. You do not have to forgo the rest of your life for the rest of your life. 2. Take a few pictures of yourself. Before-and-after pictures are great for keeping you on the pole. 3. Complete a bet with a training colleague. The loss of the bet really has to hit you and it has to hurt to lose the bet. 4. Schiele not only after the balance. With a tape measure you can wonderfully determine whether you may have already lost inches, even if the pointer of the scales may not yet move. 5. Make a binding agreement with yourself that you will treat yourself to a special reward if you stick to your plan. Maybe you're buying some sinfully expensive sneakers that you've always wanted. 6. If you absolutely need a cheat meal, enjoy it to the fullest. One day of the week, you can eat whatever you want to a meal. Do not pay attention to healthy, but tasty and satisfying (both must not be mutually exclusive). But do not make a cheat day or two days out of this cheating meal. Always remember: You only committed yourself for 28 days! 7. Hang up motivation spells in your sight. A good example: "Whenever you want to give up, remember why you actually started."

What could your diet plan look like?

If you stick to the diet tips, you will definitely be successful. Decide for yourself if you want to make a complete plan and stick to it. Or work from week to week and assemble your diet according to your needs. Most of us do not want to commit to a month and do not spend too much time preparing, shopping and cooking. Sometimes your own needs change within a diet phase. Some things we can not or do not want to eat because of allergies or aversions. Vegetarians and vegans do not eat certain foods out of conviction. So here are some suggestions you can make or vary between.

Suggestions for your breakfast

  • Fruit salad with nuts
  • Yogurt with fruit and oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs with wholemeal bread and cottage cheese
  • Wholemeal bread with lean cheese
  • Wholemeal bread with peanut butter

Suggestions for your snacks

  • protein Shake
  • Cottage cheese with chopped vegetable strips
  • Lean quark with nuts or a spoonful of protein powder
  • Soya flakes with (soy) milk and strawberries
  • Vegetable strips with quark dip
  • Green smoothies with protein powder
  • Turkey cuts
  • Hard-boiled eggs (great for traveling too)

Suggestions for your lunch

  • Omelet with crabs
  • Halibut with brown rice
  • Turkey escalope with zucchini vegetables
  • Lean steak with salad and wholemeal bread
  • Fresh salad with cheese strips and canned tuna
  • Baked potatoes with quark dip

Suggestions for your dinner

  • Chicken breast with broccoli
  • Lean steak with green beans
  • Chicken salad with tomatoes and pepper strips
  • Mushroom pan with tofu stripes
  • Tomatoes with mozzarella
  • Salmon fillet with cucumber salad
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Ernährungsplan – GET RIPPED

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Ernährungsplan – GET RIPPED
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