crossfit is an intense strength and cardio workout, which consists of many functional exercises that vary continuously and must be performed with high intensity. The aim of Crossfit is for the athlete to achieve holistic fitness through strength and endurance. The Crossfit training includes exercises and movements from various sports such as gymnastics, athletics or weightlifting. The training sessions are short but intense and are very similar to a classic circuit training. All training sessions are based on natural movements, which are also often used in everyday life. The training of individual muscle groups is in a crossfit training only minor matter. At Crossfit, the focus is on the five basic motor skills of strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination skills, which are intensively trained with new combinations of different exercises.

History of Crossfit

The Crossfit training was developed in 1980 by former gymnast Greg Glassman in the USA. Since Crossfit has a significant impact on the strength and cardio level of the exerciser, this type of training is now used by many top athletes, martial artists, special police units and in the military for physical education. The Washington-based company of the same name offers courses and seminars worldwide for the training of a Crossfit trainer.

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training procedure

As much as possible, a Crossfit exercise should stimulate the following physical properties: strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, responsiveness, coordination, accuracy, and body stability. At Crossfit, great importance is attached to the fact that the athlete does not specialize too much in individual disciplines, but can sustainably improve his current account balance in all areas. The training is adapted by the experienced instructors to each level of performance. Crossfit is trained in small groups or alone under the guidance of a personal trainer. A training session is always adjusted to the current performance level of the trainees. Each workout starts with a warm-up, followed by a workout on the day, and at the end, various stretching exercises can be completed as cool down. The top rule in the individual exercises is also called Crossfit, that you first learn the technique exactly and then increases the intensity. Crossfit is always trained on the performance limit, so the correct execution of each exercise is particularly important. 

What are WODs?

Crossfit consists of different workouts that are used in crossfit training WOD or "Work of the day" be designated. The workout varies with each training session and is always adapted to the individual performance level of the exerciser. This method guarantees a steady growth of strength and endurance of each athlete. The WODs are often referred to by their first names like Annie, Cindy or Helen. The different WODs can be accessed on the Internet or put together yourself. All WODs consist of specific exercises that are combined with each other and often have to be completed at specific time intervals. Here are five examples of a Crossfit WOD.


  • 500m rowing - 3 laps on time
  • 12 deadlifts with your own body weight - 3 laps on time
  • 21 box jumps - 3 laps on time 


  • Double Unders - 50-40-30-20-10 on time
  • Sit Ups - 50-40-30-20-10 on time


  • 100 pull-ups
  • 100 pushups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats


  • Barbell (40 kg weight) - 21-15-9 repetitions
  • Chest-to-bar pull ups - 21-15-9 - reps


All exercises should be trained three times in a row in a given time

  • 400m running
  • 21 kettlebell swings 
  • 12 pull-ups

Three examples of "typical" Crossfit exercises

  1. Crossfit-Thrusters Thrusters is the so-called barbell shoulder press with a squat. The procedure of this exercise begins with the lifting of the barbell bar, which is lifted with a very wide grip under the chin. From this basic position, the thruster is now executed. The athlete now easily squats and then tears the hips upwards. This movement creates a momentum that the athlete uses to push up the barbell. Important in this exercise is a shoulder-width stand and that the barbell is wider than the shoulder gripped.
  2. Burpees Burpees are a combination of pushups and stretch jumps. The athlete stands almost shoulder-width and moves both hands to the tiptoe. At the same time, he crouches down and throws his legs stretched backwards while he now puts his arms in the position of a push-up. When the push-up has been performed, the athlete puts his legs back on and jumps up so that he can return to his starting position. 
  3. Chest to bar pull-up Chest to bar pull-ups are pull-ups that are generated by the swinging of the legs. In this type of pull-ups, the athlete swings his legs first forward and then backwards. The next swing goes back to the front and is now used to pull the body up during a backswing to do a pull-up. The athlete can thus perform a pull-up using the three sweeping leg movements. 

Conclusion about Crossfit:

Crossfit is a full-body training method that emphasizes that the exercises you perform consist of natural movements. The so-called WODs are always varied and adapted to the current performance level. At Crossfit, athletes do not train specific muscles, but try to train the entire body as much as possible during each workout. The athlete should use Crossfit to increase his natural strength and endurance potential and not only train large muscles. Crossfit is suitable for athletes and athletes who already have specific training skills and exercise routines. For the pure beginner in terms of sport, Crossfit is not recommended, since the athlete for the individual movements should already bring certain basic knowledge.

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