Broad shoulders are a symbol of masculinity, so it's not surprising that most athletes strive to achieve that goal. The shoulder training In reality, however, it is much more complex than it first seems. Accordingly, the number of problems that can lead to it, that it does not precede with the muscle. To help you find a way out of this impasse, in the following article 9 we list things that can be to blame for not making any significant progress.

1 · Du vernachlässigst deine Schultern einfach

Focusing primarily on large muscle groups such as the back, legs, or chest is a good thing, but not necessarily effective when it comes to building massive shoulders. Not infrequently, in this context, it is the case that the shoulder is regarded as a small group of muscles and only covered by an exercise. So to build massive shoulders, it is not enough to rely on passive training. Rather, you must go over to understanding the shoulder as a large muscle group and to act accordingly. In practice, for example, it may be advisable to schedule a separate shoulder training day, during which each of the three heads of the deltoid is trained according to its function. Only then is it possible to prevent muscular imbalances and to train the shoulders optimally.

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2 · Du verwendest zu viel Gewicht

If the shoulder press degenerates rather for incline bench press and you usually only half the range of motion, you should not be surprised that you do not progress in shoulder training. The cause is clear: your form suffers from excessive exercise weight. The solution is as obvious as it is simple: use less weight and fine-tune your technique until you master it to perfection. On the one hand, this is of great importance to give the tendons and ligaments the opportunity to get used to the strain and thus reduce the risk of injury occurring. On the other hand, the continuous perfection of the technique in combination with a gradually increasing training weight ensures that the inter- and intramuscular coordination improve. In the long run, this enables a significantly better development of power, so that better training incentives for muscular development can be set.

3 · Du fokussierst deine vordere Schulter zu sehr

It is no secret that most athletes are fond of exercising their breasts and also resort to exercises focusing on the anterior deltoid during shoulder training. Conversely, this neglects the neglect of the middle and posterior heads of the deltoid muscle, which affects not only visually, but also performance-related. For example, those who have a comparatively weak posterior deltoid muscle are unable to use their full potential as part of back training. In particular, if you think that the shoulder is your weak point, you should consider moving the training focus to the back and middle shoulders. Exercises that have proven to be particularly effective in this regard, are the side raises and the prone side raises with dumbbells or on the cable.

4 · Es kommt zu keiner korrekten Kontraktion im Deltamuskel

This problem is closely linked to the issue of improper exercise execution and the use of too high a workout weight. The reason is that most athletes tend to use momentum and leverage through the use of an inappropriate workout weight, preventing correct contraction of the target muscles. The solution is again at this point, the training weight when it must be reduced by half and then perfect the correct technique with a comparatively low weight. Of course, it may initially be frustrating to be able to put on one or the other weight plate less, in favor of your performance development, you should take this short-term regression, however, in purchasing. In addition, you will notice in the course of consistent application that the performance of the chest or back training significantly improved in a short time.   

5 · Du absolvierst zu wenige Wiederholungen

With the exception of attempting to test out the one-rep maximum, shoulder training has no reasonable reason to work in a rep range that consistently has significantly less than eight reps per set. The reason for this is the fact that the shoulder muscles in most people, as well as the calf muscles, are primarily characterized by ST muscle fibers, which according to the natural movement patterns of humans are designed to provide endurance benefits. As a result, your training should ideally take place in a range of ten to twenty repetitions per set to properly accommodate the demands and characteristics of the shoulder musculature. Of course, this also results in a reduction of the training weight, which is not synonymous with the fact that your shoulder training for a better cardio workout grows. Rather, the training weight should be chosen so that the number of maximum twenty repetitions can be achieved only in the first sentence of each exercise. If you finally manage to reach this number again in the last sentence, you can increase the weight.

6 · Du arbeitest nicht genug an deiner mittleren Schulter

The volume of your shoulder muscles depends to a large extent on the expression of the middle head of the deltoid muscle. So, if you're not satisfied with the look on your shoulders, it may be because you're not training that middle delta head hard enough. The reason is mostly due to the fact that too many pressure exercises are performed, which act predominantly on the front shoulder part, so that the middle head in comparison to optically and performance drops. Accordingly, you should make sure that you have your shoulder training balanced and, in addition to classical pressure exercises, also integrate exercises such as upright rowing or side lifting with dumbbells into your training plan.

7 · Dein Schultertraining ist nicht ausbalanciert

As already mentioned, one of the main reasons for the suboptimal shoulder development is the imbalance of shoulder training, which is usually overweight in favor of the front shoulder. If you're one of the athletes who do, you need to rethink and revise your exercise program. In practice, it has been proven to complete two exercises for each of the three shoulder heads. Dumbbells are best used in this context, as the use of free weights in addition to the primary target muscles also responds to the lower, stabilizing auxiliary muscles, which is no less important for optimal performance.

8 · Du machst dir keine Intensitäts-Techniken zunutze

If you barely make any progress in shoulder training, it may be because you're stuck in your well-worn training schedule. The way out of misery is to use intensity techniques to shock the shoulder muscles and thus be able to set completely new growth stimuli. In this regard, the shoulder muscles are particularly well suited for the superset training, in which several exercises for the same muscle group, two exercises in a single sentence, are performed immediately after each other. An extension of this concept are the so-called giant sets, in which a Giant sentence consists of three to five exercises.

9 · Du trainierst deine Schultern zu selten

The last but no less important reason why shoulder development is not really progressing is that you do not train your shoulders too seldom. So, if you've been training your shoulders only once in combination with the chest and triceps once a week, you should consider reserving an additional shoulder training day to get the best possible results and make your shoulder muscles grow.

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