You do not have to be a marathon runner, crossfit or ironman champion to push your body to its limits. He is a machine that needs a varied and unique movements equipped training. Put your body to the test so you can enjoy its performance. Why should you do such a training? You do it because you can. That's the genius of it. Add a fitness challenge to your exercise program every week - or at least every month - so you can improve your circulation and muscle endurance. In advance you should be honest and evaluate and assess your mental strength and your sporting abilities in a realistic way. An ultra-hard workout can help you advance in your personal development. If you always do exactly the same workouts, you will not know if and how you can improve yourself. How do you want to test your limits? Get ready to pause your normal split program and add the following seven (or eight) crazy challenges to your fitness routines. Always have it with you, so you can always test your skills. You will surprise yourself.

Challenge 1 · Halte, was das Zeug hält

This challenge was invented by the devil himself. You do not have to put on tons of weights to get a sense of the tremendous harshness of this unit. This complex exercise will not only make your cardiovascular system hell on earth. Your legs, midsection and shoulders will scream as well. You start this challenge by lifting a barbell like a weightlifter. Start with light weights and perform the following exercises in the order given and WITHOUT break: a. Tearing b. Front squats c. Pushing (in front of the chest in the extended arm posture) d. Squats e. Pushing (from the neck to the extended arm posture) These exercises are a homogeneous cycle that must not be interrupted. You can not rest until you have made the seven passes that make a round. You will be broken after the round, but you have to go through five rounds. You can do it. First of all take a lower weight. You'll quickly find the right settings to complete the five rounds. Then you can think of increases.

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Challenge 2 · Der Meilenlauf

When was the last time you tried to run a mile (1.6 km or four sports ground rounds) as fast as you can? Was it still during school? Do you still remember how good or bad you had been? If you're not a professional marathon runner, try running a mile. It is very difficult. Try it. Set yourself a time that you want to beat. Between six and eight minutes would be a good value. If you think during the run, "Why the hell am I doing this?", Just think of a zombie apocalypse. You run away from the undead - at least for a mile - to save your life. This is pure psychology and helps you to last longer. If you want to increase the difficulty, you can wear a training mask.

Challenge 3· 100 squats

Depending on your fitness level, you can do this challenge with or without weights. It would of course be better to choose the more difficult option, but that's your decision. If you take a barbell, then choose a weight that will give you 10 reps per set. The goal of this challenge is to do 10 sets of 10 repetitions each. The breaks are very short and should only allow you to shake out your legs and get some air. After maybe 10 to 15 seconds it goes under the bar again. If your thighs, buttocks, hamstrings do not scream after this challenge, you'll need to hang up next time.

Challenge 4 · Vier-Viertel-Meile mit Gewichtsweste

You're not insane when you put on a weighted vest and spin four laps around the sports field. Rocky Balboa would love you. Although your buttocks and your hamstrings and thigh muscles will be sore, so you end up waddling like a penguin, but who cares? This is a task few people have the courage to do. Do you need a down to earth reason to do this challenge? Remember, the best workout is the workout that your body is not used to. As your lower body gets used to your routines, it will shock you with a high-volume, high-intensity (HVT) and high-intensity training (HIT) unit. Complete this challenge if your split program leads to stagnation.

Challenge 5· Sieben Minuten Burpees

The idea for this challenge comes from the 2012 Crossfit Open WODs. These will be the worst seven minutes of your life. Burpees will suck you. But if you carry them out permanently and regularly, this harsh unity will help you in the best possible way. To complete the challenge, stick to the Crossfit guidelines. For the Burpees, the chest has to rise to the ground and the jump should be at least six inches high. You have to make as many burpees as possible. If your heart can handle it, then you can do up to 100 repetitions. As with all other challenges in this list, the only way to succeed is to just keep going. The challenge does not take a long time, but why should hard training take a lot of time? It will get easier with time and the seven minutes will not kill you anymore.

Challenge 6 · Der 200-Meter-Tod

It is fun. If you've ever run on the train at school or at university, it will make you have beautiful (or maybe terrible) memories. Minute by minute you will run 200 meters. You can complete it in 30 seconds. Then you have the other 30 seconds to recover before starting again. Carry out so many 200-meter runs until you can not make a pass in a minute. Sprints are a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness while building muscle mass. You do not need to do such a difficult workout every week, but such a high-intensity workout is great for your body and your health.

Challenge 7 · Kurzhantel 5×5

This workout is not only perfect for people like you who are looking for new challenges in everyday training. It is also great if you are in a gym in a hotel and have little equipment and dumbbells available. The Challenge is a small - but brutal - test of muscle endurance and your ability to count to five. From the second round, this will be anything but easy. Take two heavy dumbbells. The weight you should choose so that you can do with them a Überkopfübung with five repetitions. Hold the dumbbells by the side and do five squats. After that, it's time for dumbbells to break, which you also perform five times. Immediately afterwards, you do five thruds with dumbbells. This is an exercise where you crouch down and pull up the dumbbells as if bumping while lifting your body upright. Without pause, there are now five overhead shoulder press exercises added. Lastly, hold the dumbbells at shoulder level and do five more squats. This is a complete round. You have four more in front of you. A round consists of 25 reps, but if you do them with heavy dumbbells, each of these rounds will be hard. The breaks between rounds should be a maximum of 30 seconds. Bonus Challenge: 100 one-armed ball dumbbell swingers in less than 5 minutes Ball dumbbells are also known by the English term "kettlebell". The swing exercises are deceptive. They look so harmless and simple, but if you do them properly and take enough weight, they can absolutely destroy you. This five-minute challenge is a difficult task. Grab a heavy ball dumbbell. You can change hands every five or ten repetitions or each time. In any case, your forearms will not be the same anymore. Remember that you are driving the movement through your hips. This will ensure that you use your hamstrings, buttocks and lower back during the swing. If the five minutes are over before you're done, be sure to finish the 100 reps. Write down how long it took and try to make it better next time.

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