1. Think of the germs

When we sweat in training, our eyes often itch through sweat. Then we rub our hands and forget that we first came into contact with the machines or other sports equipment everywhere in the gym. The training process in a public gym always brings a lot of germs to the exercise equipment, because not everyone puts a towel on the bench. Surely you can not prevent that you come into contact with the germs, but you can wash your hands after the workout and dry yourself well with your towel.

2. Do not miss a meal

Eating and the right diet is half the battle for a successful athlete. If, after your workout, you have no opportunity to have adequate breakfasts, lunches, or dinners, then you should definitely plan on having a healthy snack to replenish your depleted energy stores. It is important for muscle growth and your athletic success that you take a meal within two hours of completing the workout.

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3. Do not eat too much after the workout

There are athletes who run three kilometers and then eat a cake or hamburgers after training because they believe they have lost so much calories that they can now afford a sumptuous meal. This is a wrong way of thinking, as the 3-kilometer run used to quickly replenish the 300 calories consumed by 1000 calories of eating cake or junk food. So the sporting success is quickly over again.

Post Workout

4. Watch for sleep

If you get up early because of early morning training and give up your precious sleep, you will not get the success you really wanted. A deep and long sleep helps the growth of important hormones and supports the regeneration of the muscles. Therefore, make sure that you can sleep undisturbed for at least 7 to 8 hours. Your body will thank you.

5. The right late night snack

If you get hungry before bedtime, make sure you do not fall back on unhealthy snacks. Forget the potato chips or chocolate and eat a handful of almonds or a goblet of greek yogurt or skinny quark. All fat and sweet meals before going to bed cost you the success you achieved with your sweat-inducing workout during the day. Even if you train hard, it does not mean that you can allow yourself any kind of meal for your sporting success. Just before bedtime, you should encourage your muscle growth and prefer a protein shake instead of a pizza

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