Admittedly, we bodybuilders are already a very idiosyncratic folks, whose characteristic not necessarily clear to everyone. And so it is no wonder that normal people frown on many a decision and do not really know how it could come to this. However, this behavior by far not only affects the diet, but continues in the love life. Some women, at least from their point of view, have been left by a passionate power athlete for some unknown reason, as there seemed to be nothing wrong with the relationship. Even if standard excuses are often used in such situations, the real reasons are usually different. So we wanted to know from bodybuilders, which reasons really stood behind most of their separations. We would like to introduce the results of this small survey to you in the context of this article.

Reason 1 - She stopped exercising

Yes of course, this reason is extremely superficial and for most other people in no way understand. The thing is, however, that in bodybuilding and, accordingly, for the individual bodybuilder, everything revolves around the body and the diet. As a result, regular exercise and a healthy diet are part of the life of a bodybuilder, like amen in the church. So it is all the better if he finds a better half who shares his passion and loves and lives the sport as well. If, however, after a few months or years, the interest in sport subsides or is more pretended than real, then many women are at risk of being dumped. Of course, this is not an inevitable consequence, according to most bodybuilders the most common reason for separation. Although this is not the fine English style, but is simply because many bodybuilders can not live together with a woman for whom the sport does not matter.

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Reason 2 - She's partying while working on his character

A disciplined diet as well as a clearly structured lifestyle has a very high priority for a bodybuilder. So it's not surprising that most strength athletes can hardly imagine anything more beautiful after a long and intense workout than when they come home they find a refrigerator full of chicken, rice and low-calorie sauces. However, what is much less cool is when the lady of the heart comes home in the middle of the day from a long party night and staggers staggers into the apartment, while he was already training and has his day program disciplined pulled through. The coronation, however, are the following choking sounds of self-proclaiming kebab, while he chews annoyed in the next room on his chicken. For most normal mortals, of course, this is not a reason for separation, but at least permanently go bodybuilding and excessive party doing not go hand in hand.

Reason 3 - She lets herself go as he evolves

While the two above-mentioned reasons for separation were still difficult to understand for many, this cause is now also somewhat more comprehensible to outsiders, even though it is still rather superficial. Like most other people, bodybuilders learn about their looks first. In fact, both of them look like a perfect couple and they also seem to fit in well with one another. However, when the relationship has slowly become established, it sometimes happens that it becomes more comfortable and does not pay more attention to its body as it was before. So while it makes the training more and more grindable and also increases significantly, on the other hand it develops physically and reaches a new level bit by bit. The bottom line is that the dream pair, which on a scale of 1 to 10 in each case an 8 reached so that only an average pair, which develops on the optical scale farther and farther apart. The bigger the difference, the more likely bodybuilders tend to give her the pass. Exceptions, however, confirm the rule.

Reason 4 - She does not take his passion seriously

Bodybuilding is not just a hobby like stamp collecting or building model airplanes. Bodybuilding is far more, and for most of us, the great passion of our lives to which we almost subordinate our entire existence. To make significant progress in terms of muscle breakdown or fat loss, we put up with a lot of things, get everything out of our bodies in every workout, and even occasionally eat foods that we actually do not feel like doing at all. It is precisely from this point of view that no one should underestimate the passion with which we ultimately exercise our sport in order to achieve our goals. While it may still be okay that one or the other friend does not take the issue seriously, this should be avoided by the life partner. Namely, if the darling of the bodybuilding passion disparages and calls it "just as some sport," the relationship may be over more quickly than the word couples therapy can be spelled out. Bodybuilders are not egotists, but simply have trouble bonding to a partner who disdains the passion for bodybuilding.

Reason 5 - She purposely buys him small T-shirts

Anyone who has invested countless hours in his body can justifiably be proud of every single gram of muscle that he has built in the sweat of his brow in the gym. At some point then comes finally the day on which the old size M shirts have served their day and go into the collection of used clothes, while the inventory in the cupboard is replaced by shirts and pullovers in size L almost media-effective. Now that you're one of the big boys, it's easy to take offense at getting your own girlfriend a size M shirt as a birthday present. That this can happen once is obvious. However, if these faux pas accumulate, it is not unlikely that this behavior has a completely different intention behind it. What many women just want to say is that you've gotten too much and they'd rather have their medium husband back. But since most bodybuilders are not medium bodybuilders, they usually opt for their athletic passion if such conflicts of interest are not eliminated. Of course, some of the reasons for separation sound superficial and quite far-fetched, but that does not belittle the fact that they are facts. And what interests us even more in this context is the question of whether your bodybuilding passion already has one or the other relationship on the conscience - and why in particular?

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