If hunger overruns you between the main meals, you should always be prepared so as not to run the risk of stuffing anything into you. As a result, we've brought you 25 healthy snacks that are as healthy as they are tasty.

Snack 1 - nut butter for in between

In the sector of nut butter producers, so-called pocket portions, which contain a consumption amount of nut butter, are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, you benefit from the fact that you can always add an adequate amount of valuable proteins and fatty acids on the go. In this context, you should, however, avoid the fat-reduced variants, because usually the fat is substituted by additional sugar.

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Snack 2 - pistachios

Pistachios are among the best snacks that you can easily consume, not least because of the vitamins and fiber they contain. In addition, pistachios contain a comparatively high proportion of protein as well as valuable monounsaturated fatty acids, which according to scientific studies can contribute to lowering cholesterol levels. As freeing from the shell takes extra time, the treat has built-in protection against uncontrolled calorie intake.

Snack 3 - nut mixes

A serving of nuts, optimally composed of as many different varieties as possible, is an excellent source of protein and high-quality fatty acids. As for your health, however, you should take products that contain no added salt, as your daily need for salt is already more than covered by the remaining diet.

Snack 4 - walnuts

With only 4 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams, walnuts can also be used as a snack in a low-carb diet. In addition, the tasty nut contains a particularly high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids and copper. The latter is needed by your body, among other things to optimize the energy metabolism.

Snack 5 - Frozen grapes

If you are looking for a low-calorie and healthy snack, you should use classic grapes that are not too hard, unlike strawberries, even in frozen form. Consequently, thanks to their creamy texture and pleasant sweetness, you can snack on frozen grapes. Incidentally, red grapes are significantly richer in health-promoting antioxidants than green grapes.

Snack 6 - Edamame

Edamame are unripe green soybeans, which enjoy increasing popularity in this country. In addition to a large amount of complex carbohydrates Edamame contains countless healthy micronutrients such as folic acid, vitamin K, iron and magnesium. To make sure that it is genetically modified goods, you should pay attention to a corresponding seal on the packaging.

Snack 7 - prunes

Prunes are particularly good if you need a short burst of energy, as it is the case immediately before training. In addition, dried plums are characterized by a high content of antioxidants, which can have a positive effect on the functioning of the physiological processes of your organism.

Snack 8 - celery

The fact that celery consists of about 95 percent water makes it a classic low-carb snack, which can be used in crushed form for the preparation of salads. In order to give the celery sticks a little taste, it is advisable to dip them in nut butter, but you should pay attention to the total calorie intake.

Snack 9 - apricots

The pleasantly sweet stone fruit contains a significantly lower sugar content compared to comparable fruits, so that only 4 grams of carbohydrates are consumed per piece. The beta-carotene contained in the pulp is also associated with the promotion of memory.

Snack 10 - strawberries

Among the berries, strawberries with a good 5 grams per 100 grams contain the lowest sugar content, so that they can be used flexibly as part of a diet. Furthermore, the fruits are true vitamin C bombs that help strengthen your immune system.

Snack 11 - pumpkin seeds

Even though pumpkin seeds are very popular in our latitudes, few people know that they contain more than 7 grams of protein per serving, with the carbohydrate content keeping within limits. Salads can be spiced up by adding pumpkin seeds.

Snack 12 - tomato juice

Tomato juice is used not only in the Bloody Mary or in the cabin of a passenger plane, but can also play its strengths in the field of conscious nutrition. Since you should keep an eye on your consumption of vegetables anyway, tomato juice is a convenient way to do so without having to put up with any elaborate work. When buying, however, make sure that it is pure tomato juice without additives, so you fully benefit from the contained antioxidants, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect in your body.

Snack 13 - canned fish

If you want to take a protein-rich snack at short notice, there is hardly a way to avoid canned fish. The compact preserves contain not only a large portion of protein, but often also many valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna fish, which is a very good source of selenium, stands out in particular from the offer of canned fish.

Snack 14 - hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are not only suitable for breakfast, but can also be used as a snack in between. In this context, you benefit in addition to the high protein content of the high omega-3 concentration in the yolk. To keep the eggs fresh throughout the day, it is advisable to store them cool and dark.

Snack 15 - Greek yogurt

Especially in recent years, Greek yoghurt has also become very popular in Germany, as it has a particularly creamy consistency and a protein content of up to 23 grams per cup. In addition, the milk product contains probiotic bacterial strains, which can promote intestinal activity.

Snack 16 - Icelandic yogurt

Similar to the Greek yogurt, the traditional Icelandic yogurt Skyr is also quite protein-rich snack in between. The thick yoghurt contains up to 20 grams of protein per cup and can be used very varied because of its consistency. Skyr tastes best in combination with fresh berries.

Snack 17 - cheese sticks

For those who like cheese, classic cheese sticks are a great way to spend all your nutrients throughout the day without having to resort to dietary supplements. Since not all cheeses are offered in this form, it is advisable to buy cheese in one piece and to make the sticks themselves, which is also cheaper.

Snack 18 - cottage cheese

Hüttenkäse is the classic bread spread which, due to its protein content of up to 18 grams per cup, was also successful among weight training athletes. Since cottage cheese is mostly made from casein, this is especially suitable as a snack before bedtime.

Snack 19 - dried meat

Dried meat is available in many variants and unlike conventional meat has a high protein content and extremely low fat. In the trade you can choose depending on the taste between beef, pork or turkey meat.

Snack 20 - Dark chocolate

Chocolate is much better than its reputation, especially dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 60 percent can have a positive effect on your mood. The cause is the distribution of happiness hormones. In addition, the antioxidants contained in chocolate are able to fuel your metabolism.

Snack 21 - protein bars

Protein bars are the drug of choice, especially in the face of acute time-wasting, to ensure adequate nutritional support. When buying, you should not be dazzled by the protein content, but also throw an eye the fat and carbohydrate content.

Snack 22 - kale chips

Admittedly, this food seems somewhat questionable at first, but at second glance it can be seen that it is a very micronutrient-rich food, which is currently hardly available in this country.

Snack 23 - bean chips

Beans chips are another healthy alternative to classic potato chips, which is also quite high in protein and is great to eat with a dip of Greek yogurt.

Snack 24 - Protein Drinks

Like protein bars, protein drinks are primarily used for rapid protein supply. However, despite all the quality that most products have, you should not rely solely on the protein content.

Snack 25 - Frozen Greek yogurt

If you fancy ice cream, you should top up your Greek yogurt with some berries and put it in the freezer for a while. As a result, you get a wonderfully creamy dessert, which is significantly healthier and more protein-rich than conventional ice cream.

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