"To be or not to be" is not only a prominent saying in Hamlet, but is also valid in many situations of life. "Stay that way or change yourself" is the similar motto that can be applied especially in sports. If you have a physical change in the form of To achieve muscle growth or weight reduction, harder training methods and diet changes are often not enough. If you want to change something in a sustainable way, then you have to work on yourself constantly, improve your lifestyle and most of all respect yourself, the way you are at the moment. This is the basis for any mental or physical change. The following report will show you 10 different tips on how to achieve your desired change with maximum success.

1 · Integriere ausreichend Regenerationsphasen in dein Leben

Integrating sufficient rest and pauses between each training phase is often underestimated by many athletes. Most people believe that intense and exhausting training can bring rapid success in sports. Normally this thesis sounds logical, but in reality it does not work. Muscles only grow in recovery periods, so it is necessary for the body to recover sufficiently and intensively. A hard workout creates a lot of stress, which can also affect outside the gym. Although a special nutrition program with important proteins and other supplements can supply the body with the necessary nutrients and amino acids, restorative sleep can not replace supplements. Make sure that you sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours a day.

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2 · Iss vernünftig

So if you want to burn your body fat, you do not have to go hungry and give up meals. In a diet, you usually need to reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein intake. However, this method can lead to the dreaded JoJo effect because the diet is too fast and often wrong. It's enough if you increase your daily protein intake slightly. Consume about 40 grams of protein per meal, so you can boost muscle growth or fat burning.

3 · Kontrolliere deinen Fortschritt

Look at your body regularly in the mirror and do not hesitate to give you compliments when appropriate. But make sure that they are serious and that you stay with the truth. Take a picture of yourself and see how others see you. So you can see the often unnecessary "selfies" sometimes positive. If you take a picture of yourself, then you should also record body fat, weight and other body measurements regularly every four weeks. Developing this data analysis will show you exactly how successful your new lifestyle is. Also ideal are the new fitness trackers, which show you exactly which sporting results you have actually achieved.

4 · Supplements

Pre- and post-workout meals and supplements provide valuable energy and nutrients for your workout. All supplements with short-chain and essential amino acids and protein powder are especially suitable for muscle growth.

5 · Konzentriere dich auf dein Training

When you are training in the weight room, you should also be mentally in your weight. Avoid distractions that interfere with your concentration, such as smartphone ringtones or loud conversations with other athletes. Be disciplined and concentrate on your exercise and not the workout of others. Avoid too long breaks on the training bench and do not even take your smartphone with you into the training room. Each lost second in the weight room costs you the long-term success that you desired.

6 · Erwarte keinen sofortigen Erfolg

It usually takes between 48 to 72 hours for the previous workout and supplements to have an effect on your muscles and body weight. Make sure that your body weight is constantly affected by several factors and therefore the kilogram display can fluctuate. Therefore, do not let yourself be demotivated if you weigh 80 kilograms in the morning and have two kilograms more on the scales in the afternoon. Keep exercising and re-examining your body status every one or two weeks.

7 · Plan deine Cheat-Mahlzeiten

Cheat days are so-called sinning days when you do not have to adhere to the prescribed diet rules. The same is true of cheat meals, which can sometimes be a pizza or a hamburger. If you want to go to a party or party anyway, then you should forego your strict dietary rules, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the party. Cheat meals should therefore always be scheduled if you have no way to strictly adhere to your nutritional plan.

8 · Krafttraining vor Cardio

If you have to decide whether you want to train strength training or cardio now, then you should always opt for weight training. For your desired transformation of the body, strength training will bring you the fastest success. The HIIT training promotes fat burning and can be perfectly combined with cardio and strength training.

9 · Integriere Erholungsphasen in dein Trainingsprogramm

If you have a fast and sustainable If you want to gain muscle, then you have to build enough breaks between each set for regeneration. This also applies to the time after training. Recovery periods are important for the regeneration of the muscles and the recovery of energy, which you need again for the upcoming training. Over time, you get a sense of how long the breaks need to be for regeneration. You'll quickly notice the difference between a 30 second pause and a 90 second pause.

10 · Glaube an dich

The transformation of the body is a slow process because the exercises can not be done faster. You must therefore plan a long-term goal and not be demotivated if you can see after a few weeks, no success in the mirror. Nothing will happen until you try. Forget the past and focus on the now. Here's the point where you start to change everything about you. Believe in yourself and in your goals and never give up, otherwise you do not even have to start exercising.

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