10 body parts that women find really attractive to men

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We should all be aware that superficialities are not the appropriate basis for a long-term relationship, but that does not mean that those same factors play no decisive role in mate choice. If you have always wondered what women really want, we have the answer for you and list 10 body parts that are particularly attractive to women.

1 - A tough six-pack

It is not surprising that a well-defined six-pack is ranked highest on the wish list of most women and thus refers to all other body parts and even the face to the other places. Fortunately, this fact is not based on an often imputed superficiality, but can be explained by evolutionary mechanisms. Even though millennia have passed since we passed through the wilderness as hunters and gatherers, we still have the genetic inheritance of our ancestors, which subconsciously guides our actions. Thus, it is not surprising that women are attracted to men with a defined belly, but this testifies to a relatively high testosterone level - and what this is good for, among others, we all know.  

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2 - The butt

If women look behind you, their eyes will certainly not stick to the back of your head or your calves, but to your butt. Does that really surprise you? As some representative surveys confirm, a sexy ass on women is indeed as attractive as it is on men!

3 - Broad shoulders

Since the beginning of human history, broad shoulders symbolize strength and resilience, which has had a significant impact on the sexual attractiveness of a man to this day. The fact that this rule still applies today is confirmed by a scientific study by the University of Albany, which revealed that men with broad shoulders have sex earlier and more often than those with narrower shoulders. So what would be easier than increasing your attractiveness with a few military presses?

4 - A defined V-back

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal in 2013, researchers found that a broad back is a particularly attractive feature for about 79 percent of women. In addition, it has been recognized that a pronounced V-shape is also able to compensate for a lack of height.

5 - Strong arms

A representative survey of US college students found strong and defined arms to be particularly attractive to many women. It is not surprising that a well-formed bicep, which clearly stands out under a sweatshirt, attracts, it is symbolic of the protective capabilities of a man.

6 - An angular breast

The fact that some of our primal instincts are still hidden in us today is shown by the fact that the attractiveness attributed to women's males depends to a large extent on physical traits that could have been used as skilful hunters millennia ago. In addition to broad shoulders and strong arms, a square-edged muscular chest ranks far ahead in the attractiveness rating. At this point, however, caution is advised, because men's breasts or extremely inflated pectoral muscles cause the exact opposite.

7 - Your face

Even if other parts of your body are even more important, it does not mean that your face does not matter at all. As a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows, women prefer soft-hearted relationships for relationships and those with prominent facial features and broad cheekbones for sexual adventures.

8 - A mysterious mouth

A study from the University of British Columbia proves what many men have suspected for decades: Women do not like nicely smiling men, but Bad Boys, whose mouths express something mysterious. Of course, a smile is essential for social interaction, but that does not mean that women feel sexually attracted to it, because what is actually attractive is self-assurance, which is primarily radiated by the facial expression of the mouth.

9 - Powerful hands

Women have an eye for detail, which is particularly evident in the fact that they can read in the hands of men like in a book. In this regard, big hands with prominent ankles are very popular because they radiate strength and energy.

10 - The right amount of body hair

Beards are currently very much in vogue. However, what men in this country only gradually became aware, women always know, because men with well-groomed and well-trimmed beards are just as popular as those with a 3-day beard. What seems to be less appealing to a large proportion of women, however, are woodcutter beards and completely clean-shaven faces.