Anyone who deals with weight training and fitness today knows that both sports activities are mainly focused on the Build muscle and physical fitness. As much as possible to build muscle and develop a tight and well-trained body, that is the motto of the athletes. But the real and most important reason for a workout should be the improvement of the physical health be. Yes, you heard right: Strength training is primarily health. Regular exercise not only improves the body's immune system or promotes fat burning but can also significantly improve health and wellbeing. Here are four key benefits that will help you understand how intense strength training can affect your body and health.

Advantage 1: Prevention of serious diseases

There are now numerous empirical study results, all of which can prove that an intensive strength training can have a significant impact on health. A well-known phenomenon of weight training is the positive influence of weightlifting on blood pressure. Various studies have shown that after intensive strength training the blood pressure drops sharply. Especially in subjects with high blood pressure, a regular strength training could sustainably lower the blood pressure. For example, Brazilian researchers have found that one week of strength training per week is enough to reduce the risk of stroke by 25 percent. What about breast cancer? Individual empirical studies have shown that regular weightlifting could reduce breast cancer risk to 20 to 40 percent. It has also been successfully demonstrated that sustained muscle gain training can keep estrogen levels stable. The hormone estrogen can both increase body weight and increase breast cancer risk. The reduction of body fat through the formation of new muscle mass can thus positively influence estrogen levels. After examining the risks of stroke and breast cancer, let's look at the common disease diabetes. There are now some interesting studies that have found that the cause of type II diabetes is not only caused by how much body fat the human has, but also is important where this fat is stored in the body. Especially people who deposit too much body fat in their muscles are exposed to increased insulin resistance. Normally, intensive cardio training is recommended by experts for reducing body fat. However, Italian researchers have now shown in a study from 2012 that overweight women could drastically reduce their body fat in the muscles after they regularly participated in a strength training. The study results listed clearly come to the conclusion that continuous training in the weight room can be very important for both muscle building and fat burning. Both components promote your health and can prevent serious illnesses.

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Advantage 2: Less sick days

It's easy! Those who train regularly have a better immune system than people who do not exercise and do not exercise. This info does not mean that you have to go to the gym every day now. This method can cause dangerous overtraining that damages both your muscles and your joints. Numerous studies have also shown that active people with an extensive recreational and nutritional program become less ill, which is particularly pleasing to employers. It should therefore be noted that a sporting activity in combination with a rich recovery and a healthy and varied food can ensure that you are largely spared from illnesses. It's still better to lie on the beach for several hours than having a flu in the bed at home.

Advantage 3: better balance

Do you sometimes have balance problems or are you struggling to keep your balance? Especially older people are increasingly struggling with balance disorders. But what is the cause for this? There are various reasons for instability in movement as well as in standing. An important reason for balance disorders may be the shrinkage of the muscles in the torso and pelvic area as well as in the legs. These muscle parts are especially needed when running, sprinting and walking. You can train these muscle parts with an explosive strength training, which appeals especially to the trunk and leg muscles. Balance problems are another important reason to train your muscles intensely.

4. Relief of the joints

A completely wrong opinion about strength training exists in the thesis that heavy weight lifting destroys the joints and thus rather leads to an arthritis. The reality is different. Especially people with a sedentary activity lose muscle mass very quickly because they do not move enough during the day. The result is a significantly higher risk of osteoarthritis in this target group, as a trained muscle structure can protect and relieve the strain on the joints. This means that a special strength training also has a positive effect on the tendons, ligaments and joints. Especially older people know the effect of strength training on their health, as a strong supportive apparatus through the muscles can protect against falls, balance disorders and joint pain and prevent.

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