It's not that new. TUT (short for: "Time under Tension") is a pretty old wisdom regarding muscle building and strength training. Time under tension means nothing more than time under tension. The muscle can be optimally animated in this way. Unfortunately, bodybuilding makes a mistake very often. The training is usually too long and extensive. The result is that the only way to relax over dubious "supplements" like anabolic steroids takes place. If you want a natural approach, then you need to know what it is hypertrophy has on itself. 

In addition, you should know something about the phase of muscle strain. A third important factor is that your metabolism should not be overburdened. All this combines time under tension training for a way to build muscle fast. But what is time under tension exactly? What about the time control and the variations of the training exercises? Is there a framework for fast muscle building in terms of the number of repetitions during the time under tension?

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Time under tension (TUT): What exactly is that?

Time under tension is a calculative approach to finding the optimal amount of muscle tension during a training set. A basic requirement of Time under Tension is continuity. There must be no breaks during the tensioning phase. The duration of tension for muscle building is 32 to 48 seconds. For power buildup, it takes 4 to 24 seconds per set. During endurance training, the duration of the tension under Time Under Tension is between 60 and 120 seconds.

What is hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy is the result of increased protein synthesis in the muscles after exercise, when a healthy diet is maintained. The human body adds the proteins to the muscle fiber, which makes them thicker. Ideally, this process continues continuously and slowly but surely forms thicker muscles. Unfortunately, this muscle build does not even work that way. This requires a lot of work and training. The decisive factor is the way in which training takes place. The most important thing is the mechanical tension of the affected muscle fibers. The time under tension training starts right here, because the tension is created when lifting and lifting heavy weights. The tension of the muscles increases the protein synthesis in the fibers. A key function is the enzyme mTOR. The greater the protein synthesis, the more mTOR is stimulated. This is best achieved during the time under tension training through the long periods of tension. Here's a recipe for success for a quick one muscle building

Two ways for the right tension: Lift and TUT

Actually, you could say now: You only need to lift as much weight as possible, and you've already found the optimal formula for building muscle. That's not true. Too much weight leads to lower loads. However, the mTOR enzyme needs to be stimulated for longer to allow it to build muscle. However, it must not be too long either. Researchers have found that mTOR is blocked after about 60 seconds of strain. This danger exists with too long sets with lower weights. The second way to optimal muscle growth is time under tension. The art of TUT is precisely to find the right length of tension. Your weights and thus the length of the individual sentences should be selected so that the load on the muscle fibers just under 60 seconds continues uninterrupted. This means for you: If a repetition takes about 4 to 5 seconds, then you have to do 6 to 12 reps. Which exact number you choose for you is irrelevant. Time under tension means a tension of the muscles of just under 60 seconds. The number of repetitions you complete this period of time is up to you.

Time is everything

You have to control every single repetition and of course every sentence. Count the seconds or let your training partner do it. The focus is on the maintenance of the duration of the stress of 32 to 48 seconds. The number of repetitions is less important. That depends on the speed with which you complete the movements. That does not mean you do not have to count your reps anymore. You need a rhythm and an even execution of the movements. Then you will quickly find your correct number of repetitions or the exact weights for your TUT sentences.

Modify your sentences

It makes sense to vary the sentences. This does not just apply to the type of exercise. Above all, you can use the number of repeats during the duration of the tension that is your main concern training forms realize. There are no limits to your imagination. However, all movements should be carried out technically flawlessly and no interruptions should be made during the tensioning phase.

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