hypertrophy can be defined from different perspectives, such as whether it is desired or not desired, and first of all the Size change or increase in the size of tissues and organs, Thus, these changes to cells, tissues and organs are often due to certain diseases and not desired by the affected persons.

Athletes, such as strength athletes and bodybuilders, are trying to create hypertrophic effects on the growth and development of their muscles through various more or less effective and efficient ways, and in the best case to gain more power.

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The medical basis of hypertrophy

From a medical point of view, the picture of hypertrophy describes an increase or a strong growth of the individual cells through a so-called "over-nutrition". The original cell structures of the tissue are retained and the number of cells does not change.

The increase in size of tissues and organs associated with hypertrophy is not due to the deposition of external substances such as water or fats, but rather arises from increased synthesis. This means adapting the cell to the more demanding factors by reorganizing its cell-internal substances. Not to be confused with hypertrophy with hyperplasia, in which the growth of tissues and organs is caused by an increased cell division.

In rare cases and in certain diseases, hypertrophy and hyperplasia can also occur together. An essential feature of hypertrophy is that it can also recede when the level of stress is reduced or the stimulus that triggers it disappears.

Consciously induced hypertrophy in strength athletes and bodybuilders

In order to use the adaptation reaction of the cells by the hypertrophy for the training and the growth of the muscle fibers, the most different recommendations with more or less large possible successes but also possible harmful side effects are given especially to strength athletes and bodybuilders. There are different approaches to the effects of different training methods to explain the connection with the successful induction of hypertrophy and various athletes feel confirmed by the apparent successes and encouraged to have taken the right path.

Basically, it is scientifically but not conclusively clarified which training method is the definitive right choice to bring about certain hypertrophic effects. Thus, some athletes train with very high training frequencies, other athletes favor concepts in which the total training times tend to be lower, but very intense with subsequent large periods of rest or fatigue. It is essential for all forms of training, in order to trigger a hypertrophy of the cells, the training must be designed so that the stimulus thus triggered must be large enough for the desired adaptation reaction. If this stimulus threshold is kept too low, no effects occur or the development could even be negative.

The limits of your body

Every human being is individual. This means that he is anatomically and physiologically designed according to his own individual genetic blueprint. Although it is foreseen by nature that it is precisely in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system and muscles that man is able to adapt to certain external requirements, but only up to a certain limit. The muscles should provide the necessary strength for these stresses.

Only having muscle mass without the corresponding muscle power is considered by the body rather as an unnecessary burden and is probably not desirable by the athlete in many cases. It is therefore important for the athlete to find the right amount of training sessions and the right length of regeneration phases. According to the motto: "Much helps a lot" to train, would not be the right way and could even lead to major damage, such as deformities and disorders of the joint system.

Experienced trainers can help you develop the right workout plan for you and your body. It is just as important to expect at the beginning not immediately the "greatest" successes.

The construction and adaptation of the body to the conditions and stresses of the environment require a certain amount of time and endurance. With the individually designed training methods and the right amount of patience, as well as the insight into certain limits of your body you reach as an athlete your desired goal.


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