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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are on the spot during training? That your body does not increase and muscle growth stagnates? Then it's time to change the training method. There are some magic words in the bodybuilder scene. One of them is Doggcrapp training. Do not worry, it has nothing to do with dog shit. We'll explain what Doggcrapp does and how it works. But one thing is for sure: it's probably the toughest and most brutal method you've ever trained with and definitely nothing for beginners.

What is Doggcrapp Training?

It's a bodybuilding training method designed to promote muscle growth in times when the bodybuilder feels like he's on the spot. The method was invented by Dante Trudel, a well-known bodybuilder from California. The word "Doggcrap" is Trudel's nickname in bodybuilding forums and was originally the word on his screensaver. If you want to put Doggcrapp into your training, you should over 3 - 4 years training practice verfügen. Das Training ist extrem hart und schmerzhaft und kann leicht ins Übertraining führen. Daher solltest du deinen Körper kennen und bei Überbelastung gegensteuern können. Bei richtiger Anwendung wird dein Muskelwachstum deutlich zulegen. Wichtig für dein Doggcrapp Training ist es, ein Trainingsbuch zu führen, in dem du Übungen und verwendetes Gewicht aufzeichnest. Welche Trainingsprinzipien gelten bei Doggcrapp? 

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Training principles in Doggcrapp

frequency The first principle is the increased training frequency. Nothing comes from nothing, is the motto. While you train each muscle group about 52 times a year with normal training, with Doggcrapp you can get up to 136 units. That's because you train with Doggcrapp every other day and split your workout into 2 main muscle groups, the upper body and the legs. This is different than when HIT trainingin which you train each muscle group only once a week. However, some claim that you need anabolic steroids for effective muscle growth, otherwise you will only train strength-endurance.

progression Before exercise, warm up with 15-minute cardio units, either running, crosstrainer or bike. Then it goes to the point. The most important thing in Doggcrapp is the increase in weight after each set. You start with warm-up sets and increase the weight until you can only do 6-8 repetitions. The exercise is characterized by explosive movement in the positive phase and slow lowering of the weight in the negative phase. Especially the negative phase creates the training stimulus in Doggcrap. Unlike when PITT-trainingin which you pause after each repetition, you continuously pull the repetitions. Training to failure Very important for your Doggcrapp training. You train until you can not do an unaided exercise. That sets the ultimate appeal for muscle growth. Such training is extremely stressful for physique and psyche. Therefore, you should already have a good training base and know what you are doing. Extreme stretching After each exercise, you stretch your muscle for up to a minute or more. The goal is to relax the fascia of the muscle to achieve faster hypertrophy. It also regenerates your muscles faster. This burns hellishly after only 30 seconds and demands extreme willpower. Rest break phrases per exercise To further increase the training stimulus, you do 3 rest-pause sets per exercise. That means you lose weight, take a quick breath 10 to 15 times, and do another 3 reps until you go to no-longer. It gets really hard if you keep the weight static for up to 30 seconds. In summary, Doggcrapp is nothing more than training to muscle fatiguefollowed by extreme muscle stretching and additional strain rates. Since not every exercise can increase the weight infinitely, another principle applies. Functional pragmatism Sounds scientific, but only means to use exercises where you can increase the weight. If you stagnate in one exercise, take another. Here is the benefit of your training manual noticeable. With the training manual, you not only have an overview of how much weight you have trained and when, you also immediately recognize phases of stagnation. This is criticized by critics of the Doggcrapp method because they claim that certain exercises must always be in the program. mass Nutrition Doggcrapp is tough and requires a special one nutrition. Sie ist entscheidender Bestandteil des Doggcrapp Trainings und extrem proteinhaltig. Du nimmst dabei bis zu 8000 Kalorien und 500 Gramm Eiweiß zu dir. Kohlenhydrate reduzierst du dabei bewusst. Wenn Kohlenhydrate, dann ohne Fett und nach 18:00 Uhr gar nicht mehr. Diese Diät wird dein Muskelwachstum deutlich beschleunigen. Das war also der theoretische Teil zum Doggcrapp. Ein Beispielsplan zeigt dir die Frequenz des Trainings im Laufe einer Woche. 

Example of a training plan

A sample plan might look like this: Day 1: You train the chest, shoulder area, triceps around the upper arms, upper and lower back. This is followed by a rest day. Day 3: You train biceps and forearms, hamstrings, leg extensors and calves. This is followed by another rest day. Day 5 is the repetition of day 1, followed by 2 rest days for regeneration. Day 8: Here you repeat the program of day 3.

Assessment of Doggcrapp?

How long can you go through a Doggcrapp training? You have to decide that for yourself. For some athletes it is 4, for others up to 20 weeks. As mentioned at the beginning, is a good training condition and years of experience mandatory, Good in the method are the principle of progression, the rest-pauses sentences and the slow negative repeats. They will give you a lot of muscle gain and help you achieve your training goals. Risky are the diet with the extreme emphasis on proteins and the risk of injury during training to muscle exhaustion. The training frequency can be too overtraining to lead.