Improve your chances of a well-functioning Build muscle by focusing your attention on the best foods and dietary supplements for pre- and post-workout nutrition. Even Formula 1 racing cars can only be fast and efficient when they get the best equipment and the most optimal premium fuel grades. It's no different in your body. You can maximize your efforts for successful muscle growth and overall performance through clean, high quality foods and supplements. Compared to the greasy and sugary stuff many people do, that's a difference like day and night. You are what you eat. This is also the case with bodybuilding, which is why the Nutrition has been refined for muscle gain over the years. However, the following basic teachings have remained: - 5 to 6 small meals distributed every few hours throughout the day - Diet with low-fat protein sources for muscle growth and regeneration - Supply of complex carbohydrates for energy needs - Limited amounts of dietary fats, which also provide energy and important for the hormone production are. That sounds pretty simple, but on the way to becoming successful Muscle Building There are a few tripping hazards. Complex carbohydrates, which are basically nothing more than a bunch of chained sugar molecules, are digested by your body for longer than simple sugars. They control the blood sugar levels and are therefore ideally suited to be consumed throughout the day. Simple sugars, on the other hand, quickly enter the bloodstream, increasing the activity of the pancreas and therefore the blood sugar level, leading to increased insulin output. Insulin provides for the accommodation of circulating sugar molecules in the muscle tissue and the liver to replace the molecules there. A surplus there causes a conversion of unneeded sugar into fat cells. However, sometimes it's better for you to raise your blood sugar to use the increase in insulin levels to build muscle. This is where the pre- and post-workout diet starts. It differs from bodybuilders on the rest of food intake.

The name of the game is "speed"

If you eat a heavy - slowly digestible - pre-workout meal, it will still be in your stomach if you want to do your squats. To avoid getting tired or hungry during training, you should have a small pre-workout meal 30 to 60 minutes before the start of your workout. Their nutrients are readily available, providing your body with the fuel for training and muscle building. In addition, they improve the regeneration process after exercise. For optimal muscle growth, it helps a lot to determine your metabolic and body type. So you can find out the exact amount of nutrients for such a meal, which should consist of equal parts of rapidly digestible carbohydrates and proteins. Fast-digesting are starchy carbohydrates, white rice and the sugars dextrose, maltodextrin. For a complete meal, for example, you can combine them with the fast proteins from whey protein isolates. During a hard workout your body will quickly access these nutrients.

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To build muscle, your body needs the stored form of carbohydrates (glycogen) immediately after exercise to replenish the tanks of your muscles after the exhausting sessions. Otherwise, you may even be at risk of losing muscle because the necessary proteins are no longer available. For post-workout nutrition and as a jump-start to building muscle, you need to revert to fast-digesting carbohydrates because of their effect on insulin, and combine them with a whey protein isolate as before. Research has revealed a higher muscle build-up as protein synthesis can be increased immediately after training. Your muscles are hungry for these fast nutrients after workouts. It's easier and easier to digest if you eat the nutrients through a liquid (eg a protein shake). Research has shown you can spend up to two hours on the post-workout meal.

Pre- and post-workout nutrition for beginners

If you are a beginner, your body will react quickly to a hard strength training, which is why the need for the mentioned nutrients will be enormous. Proteins and fast carbohydrates should be on your list. In addition, you should consider a few other performance-enhancing supplements.

Whey protein isolate
The basic supplements work best. These are proteins, creatine, glutamine, caffeine as well as the sugar dextrose and maltodextrin. Whey is the protein that is produced in the production of cheese. The best whey protein isolates (WPI) contain little fat and lactose. Pay attention to pure manufacturing processes such as cross-flow microfiltration. They also deliver a steady stream of amino acids.

Originally derived from meat sources, creatine increases protein synthesis by storing water in muscle cells and replenishes phosphocreatine stores in muscle tissue. This allows energies for longer and more intense workouts. In addition, creatine can raise insulin levels.

The predominant amino acid in the skeletal muscle, glutamine, is found in the body as well as in most protein-rich foods. Glutamine is important for protein synthesis and is often used up during heavy-duty applications. According to research, supplementation with glutamine-containing supplements increases muscle build-up by increasing muscle cell volume and promoting growth hormone release while reducing the catabolic effect.

Caffeine is a stimulant that helps the body to bring the fat cells into the bloodstream. It has been proven that taking caffeine before exercise can increase muscle strength and intensity during exercise. Another positive effect is a (maximum) fifty percent reduction in muscle soreness after exercise.

If you want to consume carbohydrates, which should be available to your body within 30 minutes, the sugars maltodextrin and dextrose are best suited for this. They offer the same benefits after training. Taking it causes insulin spikes (rapid rise and fall in insulin levels), which makes it quicker and more successful in transporting all the contents of your post-workout meal into your glucogen-deficient muscle tissue. This does not apply to the fructose (fructose) found in fruits, as it must first be broken down by your liver and therefore has a much slower effect than the sugars mentioned. In addition, it is scientifically controversial whether the body fructose can even use for energy.


Research proves time and again how important the right nutrition is for muscle building and training itself. During exercise, the nutrients give you the necessary fuel for the heavy units. By taking fast or slow carbohydrates at the right time, as well as the adequate or adequate consumption of proteins and good fats, your progress over time is decisively positively influenced. So pay close attention to what you eat daily. This applies in particular to the nutrient supply shortly before or shortly after training.

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