That the body for the muscle building Calories in the form of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins needed is known.

It is crucial that one does not take too many and not too few calories (energy).

*Neuer Geschmack*
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*Neuer Geschmack*
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  • Too much = gaining weight
  • Not enough = No optimal muscle growth or even muscle loss

There are guidelines that will help you with optimal calorie intake per day:

  • Your body weight minus your current body fat percentage. (Ex .: 100Kg - 14% KF = 86Kg)
  • Find the value in the list below

Calorie intake for lean muscle building

40kg FFM 1780 calories
45kg FFM 2000 calories
50kg FFM  2228 calories
55kg FFM 2455 calories
60kg FFM 2682 calories
65kg FFM 2906 calories
70kg FFM 3129 calories
75kg FFM 3354 calories
80kg FFM 3579 calories
85kg FFM 3803 calories
90kg FFM 4028 calories
95kg FFM 4252 calories
100kg FFM 4477 calories
105kg FFM 4702 calories
110kg FFM 4926 calories
115kg FFM 5150 calories
120kg FFM 5375 calories
125kg FFM 5600 calories

* FFM = fat-free mass

For the calorie composition, note the following:

  • 50% carbohydrates
  • 30% protein
  • 20% healthy fats

Depending on Body type (metabolic type) Of course, the whole thing has to be adjusted slightly upwards or downwards. Finally, these are the guidelines and can not 1: 1 be transferred to you.

  • Endomorphic (Tip: 100-200 calories fewer in the form of carbohydrates)
  • Ektomorph (Tip: 100-200 calories more in the form of carbohydrates)
  • mesomorph
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