If you ask any strength athlete, there is hardly any doubt that this to the question of what is now the absolute royal exercise, with deadlift responds. This choice can also be clearly explained, since it is an exercise in which you can exercise brutal power and move many times your body weight. But since this basic exercise is so complex and activates a large part of the entire skeletal muscle, the question arises whether the exercise is better in the Leg Workout or in that Back workout should be integrated? What are the advantages of the exercise? Before we turn our attention to the interesting topic of correctly positioning the deadlift, let's summarize the significant benefits of the exercise, which make it an absolute compulsory part of any exercise plan. As already mentioned, the deadlifts are one of the few exercises in which three joints and numerous muscle groups are involved in the knee, hip and shoulder joint. This allows you to move high loads and thus strengthen the functional power of the posterior muscle chain on the one hand and a massive growth stimulus on the other hand, which causes the secreted growth hormones to positively affect other muscle groups. Other important benefits include the development of a high grip strength and core stability as well as the improvement of cardiorespiratory fitness.

How is the exercise best integrated into leg training?

If you decide to incorporate the exercise into your leg training, the quality of the training will depend on the order in which you perform each exercise. To make a good compromise and not tire your legs before doing exercises such as squats and leg presses, you should only install the deadlift at the end of your workout. However, it is advisable in return, if you concentrate less on large weights rather than on a higher training volume with a correspondingly large number of repetitions. By following this advice, you will not only increase the effectiveness of your workouts, but also reduce the risk of hurting yourself, as well as preventing physical pre-fatigue and neurological pre-fatigue of your nervous system. The leg workout listed below is an example of how you can implement this requirement. When choosing the right workout weight, be sure to focus on staying within the set rep range.

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Integration into the leg workout

  • 1· Front-Squats mit der Langhantel – 3 Sätze à 6-8 Wiederholungen – 2 Sätze à 10-12 Wiederholungen – (120-150 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 2· Beinpresse – 3 Sätze à 8-10 Wiederholungen – (120 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 3· Beincurls im Liegen – 3 Sätze à 8-10 Wiederholungen – (90 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 4· Reverse Lunges mit der Langhantel – 1 Satz à 8 Wiederholungen – 1 Satz à 10 Wiederholungen – 1 Satz à 12 Wiederholungen – (120 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 5· Deadlifts – 3 Sätze à 8-12 Wiederholungen – (120 Sekunden Satzpause)

How are deadlifts best integrated into back training?

If, on the other hand, you wish to incorporate the deadlift into your back training, you will do the opposite by pulling the exercise forward from the last position and performing it with fresh power first. This gives you the opportunity to get everything out of you, so that you can tackle the following exercises relatively easily. To get the best results from the back training, it makes sense to do a few repetitions with as much weight as possible. Of course, if you are not comfortable with the "Go heavy or go home!" Mantra, you can also deviate from the sentence pattern described below and use the classic hypertrophy range with 8-12 repetitions per set.

Integration into the back workout

  • 1. Deadlift - 1 set of 5 repetitions - 1 set of 3 repetitions - 1 set of 2 repetitions - 1 set of 5 repetitions - (Duration of sentence breaks as needed but as short as possible)
  • 2· T-Bar Rudern – 3 Sätze à 8 Wiederholungen – (120 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 3· Klimmzüge im neutralen Griff – 3 Sätze à 8-10 Wiederholungen – (120 Sekunden Satzpause) – Verwende bei Bedarf Zusatzgewichte
  • 4· Knieendes Rudern am Kabelzug – 3 Sätze à 15 Wiederholungen – (60 Sekunden Satzpause)
  • 5· Shrugs mit Kurzhanteln – 1 Satz à 12 Wiederholungen – 1 Satz à 10 Wiederholungen – 1 Satz à 8 Wiederholungen – (90 Sekunden Satzpause)

If you are already a bit more experienced, you can also run the deadlifts twice each week once in the back training and once in the leg training. For most, however, the compromise is to build six to eight weeks on a strategy and then change it. However, with all training zeal you should not forget that your body is extremely stressed by this strenuous exercise and requires a corresponding regeneration.

One last note for the powerlifters among you
Although we are in danger of unnecessarily emphasizing things that are obviously obvious here, we still want to point out that the above training tips for Powerlifters are not necessarily correct. Every powerlifter understandably has his own lift routine, which is usually based on separate training according to the familiar Monday-Wednesday-Friday pattern. The bottom line is that the moral of the story is for both powerlifters and normal-fit fitness athletes: Integrate the exercise in the one described above that suits you best and that will give you the best results. But before that, it's worth experimenting a bit with both approaches.


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