Many strength athletes train intensively and with heavy weights, without a sustainable muscle growth makes noticeable. This can be very frustrating and demotivating for the athlete. Subsequently, we have recorded 11 points that can have a significant impact on the lack of desired muscle structure.

1. No training and nutrition plan

muscle building arises from the combination of training sessions with specific exercises and the right diet. It is therefore important to look for one before starting your training training plan orienting who dictates which exercises should be completed weekly. The same procedure is used with the nutrition, It is particularly important that the plans are adapted exactly to the current performance level.

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2. No goals

An important criterion for the successful muscle building are realistic goals, which sets the athlete for his training. If you train only out of habit, without setting yourself a specific goal, you can not build muscle in the long run. Therefore, always set a weekly goal that you want to achieve.

3. Lack of stamina in nutrition and exercise

Discipline and perseverance are not only important in weight training. What good is a super training in the first week, if you then in the second week, no more desire, or train only with half the power. This can not bring long-term success.

4. Wrong diet

A healthy diet should not consist of monotonous meals that are always made from the same foods. A healthy diet should consist of all the nutrients and enough vitamins and minerals.

5. Overtraining

Too much training has not benefited yet. Those who train every day without sufficient regeneration will cause injuries that can only hinder muscle building. Sore muscles and other injuries are often the result of too much training. The result is often an unwanted suspension of training intervals.

6. No weight increase

In a sustained muscle growth, the muscle grows based on the training weight. If the weight is not adjusted to the physical current account, the muscle can not receive growth stimuli and stagnates with its growth.

7. One-sided training

If only biceps or pectoral muscles are exercised every day, other muscle parts atrophy. Especially the big muscles like the legs should be trained regularly, as it does not look aesthetically good when a huge chest is worn on very thin legs.

8. No regeneration

Sustainable muscle growth can only occur if there are sufficient regeneration phases between the individual training sessions. If the athlete has too little sleep or exercises too fast the same muscle without enough breaks, then sustainable muscle growth is not possible. Muscle fibers tear during exercise and need to grow together again. But they can only do this in longer periods of rest. Otherwise, long-term injuries may occur.

9. Wrong mental attitude

Building muscle is a steady process that can not happen overnight. Therefore, one should not mentally adjust to the fact that muscle growth is a longer process, which is only possible through constant training. Make sure you do not kill yourself if you think your muscles are growing too slowly. This mental attitude robs you of energy and makes you powerless for the next workout. Be satisfied with the current result and motivate yourself every day to get even more out of yourself.

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10. Age

Your age is an important component responsible for the growth of your muscles. The older you are, the slower and harder your muscle growth can be. Muscle growth is particularly related to the growth hormone testosterone, but it regresses with steady age. So it's perfectly normal for a 50-year-old to wait a little longer for his muscles to grow back than a 20-year-old human.

11. Metabolism

Every human being has an individual metabolismwhich can decisively influence the fat burning, food intake and also the muscle building. One can eat as much as he wants without becoming overweight while the other gains weight immediately. It's the same with muscle growth. If you have a higher metabolism than your friend, you can build muscle much faster with the same exercises and diet.


Muscle building is regulated by physical and mental influences. If you've been wondering why your muscle growth is missing or stagnating, you now know that physical and mental reasons can be the cause. But it is important for you to know that you can regulate everything yourself. Change your training and nutrition plans, increase your metabolism, discipline you mentally and provide enough motivation, then you will long-term sustainable muscle growth occur. But without patience nothing works, especially when you are older!

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