GVT - Fast muscle building for advanced users

Who wants to build muscle, of course, wants to quickly achieve visible and tangible results. It is therefore important to train neither too little nor too much, because even an over-trained muscle does not grow as desired. With the German Volume Training can be quickly achieved visible achievements - if you get it right.

Why can I build muscle fast with German Volume Training?

Even if the German Volume Training is a training method with which you can quickly build muscle mass, you are successful here only with the right training - and it all depends on the right technology. The important thing is to be aware that faster muscle building With a lot of work and discipline involved - there is nothing for this training! The training is not new, but a classic that bodybuilders have been using for a long time for mass building. The technology is important in the training - and that is nothing for beginners in weight training, because a beginner has a too fast fatigue, both physically and mentally recorded!

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But how does German Volume Training actually work?

The training day can be planned individually. But it is important to insert a regeneration day after every training day. If this day does not take place, muscle growth stagnates due to fatigue and the effect of rapid muscle growth is reversed. The peculiarity of the German Volume Training lies in the high volume - hence the name. This means that the strength athlete must perform ten sets of ten reps for each exercise. This is really as hard as it sounds, but also effective. To create this number of sets and repetitions, the weight of the dumbbells in the German Volume Training must be adjusted. About 60 to 70 percent of the weight used to clean up a repeat is a good measure. The break between each sentence should be one minute - a stopwatch is therefore recommended.

What to do when the forces dwindle?

That the forces are intense German Volume Training disappear, is not a question. What you should not do under any circumstances, is to reduce the weight. If you absolutely can not do it, reduce the number of repetitions in the set to eight or seven. The weight must also be maintained in any case.

How do I approach the German Volume Training in the long term?

Quite simply, the German Volume Training will be consistently followed over a period of six weeks. Then you have the opportunity to operate with higher weight and only six repetitions so further construction. The alternative is to start a completely new training plan.

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