To the topic "fat lossExercising myths and fairy tales are entwined, especially those who have a lot of training experience know what works well, what causes the opposite and what has no influence.) Fat loss basically works in two ways: about the right way of nutrition and that correct training, the goal is to lose both fat and muscle mass, and how this can be achieved is shown in this article.

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Fat loss - strategies that work

If your fat pads melt away, these 3 measures will help you. Eat less, eat high quality food and exercise properly. Let's take a look at that in detail.

  • Eat less

Eating less means nothing less than taking in fewer calories than your body burns. Only then does your body learn to attack and utilize the freely available fat pads. On the other hand, if you eat as much as you burn, you will not lose any fat. Because you are not stimulated to resort to the fat reserves. Eating less means eating high-quality food at the same time.

  • High quality nutrition

Eating high quality means giving your body healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats. It makes a difference if your 1500 calories are made from greasy pizza or a smart meal made from healthy foods. Because with junk food you are missing important nutrients and your body will send hunger signals that a well-nourished organism does not signal.

  • Intensive training

Muscles are the best machines for fat loss. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Exercise with high weights and make your cardio units short and crisp. keyword HIIT training, Only with high weights do you set a training stimulus for muscle growth and only with intensive cardio units do you stimulate your metabolism.

Fat loss - stragia that are going in the wrong direction

If you have internalized this advice, you already know what exactly causes the opposite of fat loss.

  • Eat the wrong amounts

If you eat too much, your body will store the excess food as a reserve for later. That's it with the defined body. If you're lucky, you'll keep your weight because your body is good at training and your muscles are burning fat well. If you are unlucky, you will be bullish. Eating too little will not help in the long term. One to two days of starving at a level of 1000 calories may give you a kick for weight loss. But when you overdo hunger, your body attacks muscle mass. Your metabolism becomes catabolic and you lose muscle mass as the most important combustion engine.

  • Training with the wrong intensity

Of course, in the endurance athlete, it is important to drive long and less intense cardio units. They also train with lower weights and higher repetitions. But you also have another training goal. But especially in the area of ​​cardio, even the long-distance skiers have to accelerate from time to time in order to set effective training stimuli. As strength athletes, only the intensive units really do bring something. High weights and HIIT in the cardio area are the way to lose weight.

What does not matter

  • Daily rhythm for cardio units

Morning mustaches do not despair. You do not have to use your cardio units as a training session before breakfast. Certainly, in the endurance athletes to activate the muscle enzymes at low intensity. But you do not train like a marathon man. So, make your cardio units the way you feel best and how you can handle the exhausting HIIT sequences mentally.

  • 6 meals are good, but not important

Sure, if you can eat 6 meals throughout the day, you have a slight competitive advantage in fat loss. If you can not do that, that's not so bad. What matters is the quality and quantity of your food.

  • Feeling hungry during exercise

Some refer to hunger as a sporting disaster and a path to catabolic hell. But it's not that tragic. Hunger means that the stomach is empty and that in the meantime he is taking care of himself. In the first step these are the fats. It becomes problematic only in the longer term when metabolically built muscle mass is metabolized.

  • Supplements for fat loss

Although they are advertised as a miracle weapon in advertising, but they are not. Fat burning tablets only melt your finances, not your fat reserves. So forget that and focus on proper training and nutrition. Invest in really good food.

  • Junk food is absolutely taboo

Because of a chocolate bar, you are not yet gaining. Assuming that you follow the rules for fat loss you have met here. So, treat yourself to a little sin from time to time, then you will be all the more disciplined and steadfast afterwards.

  • Do not eat after exercise

Some believe that they can boost their fat loss by not eating for an hour after exercise. But that's not true. Whether you eat something or not, your body will burn fat after exercise. That means that you should take something with you in terms of regeneration after training. This even helps you keep your metabolism stable at a high level.

Conclusion - Focus on the essentials

Were there a few eye-openers here for you? If so, this post has reached its goal. Because if you focus on the essentials, you will burn a lot of fat for a well-defined body. We wish you much success.

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