In addition to the ideal place for hard work on your body, your gym should be a place of relaxation and well-being. So that not only you, but all the others have fun as well, a few rules are unwritten law. If everyone sticks to it, nothing should stand in the way of an intense and distraction-free work-out.

Stare is rude

Women in particular hate being watched during their exercises. Since most of them value good looks (otherwise most would not be in the gym), they do not appreciate being watched all the time. Drenched sweat and stretched facial features are simply not sexy for everyone. Even if the prospects are so enticing: Bring your curiosity and do not stare at others.

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Hygiene is important

Especially if many people use the same devices and cardio stations during the day. Certainly you do not want to put yourself in the sweat puddles of your predecessor. Therefore, always put a towel under when using a weight bench or sitting on a bicycle. Use the disinfectants that are available in the studio to clean the handles you used before. And also leave the toilets and showers the way you would like to find them.

Do not block the devices longer than absolutely necessary

Especially in the evenings, there are often crowds in the gyms. It is extremely uncomfortable to cool between exercises and can also lead to muscle tension. Release the devices when you're done with your sentences. You may also alternate between reps with your training partner during your breaks. An absolute no-go are long conversations that you calmly guide while you block the device as a seat.

Try to keep your vocalizations to a minimum

Of course, you have to keep breathing when lifting heavy weights. But a connected, audible moan is not for everyone.

Do not give uninvited advice to others

If you are not working in the studio or have a coaching license, you should withhold criticism of others. You can not always tell at first glance whether your opponent may not have been training for many years and that a special execution is part of his training schedule. If you feel that someone is doing exercises that are detrimental to their health, just talk to a coach. This can then turn to the athlete. Of course, you should help in an emergency, if someone threatens to overthrow the treadmill, because he does not find the stop switch.

Make sure there is sufficient safety distance

Even if you really want to have your smartphone with you or just today bursting with energy just so. You are rarely alone in the studio and handle heavy machinery and weights. Give your environment your attention. This simple rule prevents unwanted injuries and prevents worn out teeth or worse.


It's no different in the studio than in "real life". If everyone takes some consideration of the other and does not do what they themselves can not stand, a successful training session is not in the way.

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