You go to the gym regularly and do your best? You try to feed yourself perfectly and keep the exceptions within narrow limits? Still, are you just not making any progress? Nothing is more frustrating than that. Whether it's about muscle building, Cardio units or definition goes: To put time and money into a goal that is in unattainable distance, can scratch the motivation. Or maybe you've just missed a few small things that will keep you from further progress. Keep reading and you'll find a few tips that could help you:

Bad habits that sabotage your results

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You are too impatient

Summer is approaching and you want to finally present yourself with your perfect body in bikini or swimming trunks. A perfectly understandable wish. But just cut off 10 kilograms or increase the circumference of your biceps by 5 centimeters is not an easy thing. This requires targeted training sessions, a lot of know-how and maybe even a few supplements to supplement your diet. You'll need lots of information, a sophisticated exercise plan and the willingness to work hard on yourself. Make yourself smart, which is really possible and match your wishes with reality. Maybe you just overstated your goals.

You do not get enough sleep

The sleep phases are enormously important for the regeneration of our body and our musculature. As you sleep happily, your body is busy rebuilding your tissues. For example, it releases growth hormone (HGH), which is also needed by adults to build muscle. If you want to ensure a good and restful sleep, you should pay attention to a few things: Try to go to bed at the same time whenever possible. Also on the weekend. Sleep in a darkened room and turn off your phone or smartphone. Do not eat larger meals right before bedtime. Give up in the late afternoon for coffee or black tea. The contained caffeine can keep you awake for a long time. Alcohol is not a good idea. If the excessive alcohol makes you tired and sleepy at first, your night sleep is restless and not really relaxing.

Do not miss out on your breakfast

Your body is in a hunger state during a long night. The English word "Breakfast" already says so. If you break the nocturnal fast, you give your organism the nutrients it needs for an energetic start to the day. If your breakfast consists of jam rolls and sweetened coffee (too many carbohydrates), you may feel tired and quickly starve. A high-protein morning meal can prevent this. If you do not like breakfast and can not or do not want to eat much, a morning protein drink might be an option for you.

Accept plateau phases

A plateau in which nothing seems to go is a completely normal development. It does not mean that you are no longer making progress. Even during a period of stagnation, something happens in your body. As you become heavier or heavier, your body is busy adjusting your tendons and bones to develop your muscles. You go to the next level and maybe you can not read this from your balance and your centimeter measure immediately.

Change your training plan

Even if you are tempted to practice the same exercises day in, day out, you should put your bodies to other challenges. Change your exercise schedule in appropriate time periods or switch between different sports. Maybe you've always had an interest in martial arts? Maybe boxing could be your thing? Or do you power up your speed badminton? Whatever you new to your repertoire, it will challenge your muscles and fitness in a new and unfamiliar way, setting unusual impulses for your body. Other muscle groups will be addressed, your overall fitness may increase, and you may come closer to your original goals.


If you have focused too much on a specific goal and can not achieve it, try to step back and look at your overall evolution. Do not let the fun of the sport and the movement take away, but look at your body as a work of art. Your body not only obeys your mind but has its own rules and wisdom. Consider him not just as an object, but as your best friend. With too much compulsion, you'll just mess it up with him!

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