There is a tremendous amount of advice on how to get your dream figure. Which of these should you consider? Finding the right tips is not that easy. It is reminiscent of the search for the needle in a haystack. Much looks good on paper. During training, the truths then reveal themselves. Many training plans do not meet the high expectations. Inevitably, you'll have to try a whole bunch of different advice until you find the right spin for you. Unfortunately, there is not one right way. For you, this means "trial and error". You have to try it. The two most important qualities are patience and perseverance. They are the keys to success and to your dream figure. You will fail, but they must not keep you from your goals. These training tips are not the last word in wisdom. Use it for your workout. They bring you some new ideas in your everyday training routine.

Let the butt burn

For many women, coaching the butt is especially important. It is all the more understandable, if you always want to try new exercises for the strengthening of the buttocks muscles. Squats and hip lifts are good exercises to include in your repertoire. Buttock training depends on the weight. It is a mistake when low weight training is considered useful. The more kilograms you lift, the stronger the gluteal muscles become. Start with the squats. They train your hips, thighs and buttocks. It's an extensive workout that can bring you a lot. You can use the Smith Tower for more control. Alternatively, train with a barbell in the squat rack or take two dumbbells that you hold to the side or onto your shoulders. Whatever variant you choose, always keep your back straight and distribute your weight evenly on both feet and heels. Lower your buttocks down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees are always behind your toes. Tighten the gluteal muscles during the entire movement phase. Keep your head straight and look - if possible - in the eyes of your reflection. This avoids a rounding of the back. The hip lift (English: "hip thrust") is a variant of the back bridge ("butt bridge"). You need a barbell bar and a crossbase rear seat, in front of which you sit down. Your feet are flat on the floor. Take the barbell bar with your weight and roll it over your thighs to your lap. Now put your shoulder blades on the edge of the back seat. Now you make the bridge and press with the feet and the buttocks the body in the horizontal. Hold this position for five seconds before putting your hips back on the ground. Tighten your buttock muscles here as well during the entire movement phase.

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Bring your thighs to their limits

There are many exercises for the thighs. Its musculature is divided into three groups: Strecker, Beuger and Heranführer (adductors). A mixture that trains all three areas is best suited. A very good exercise is the lunge. You can do it in many variations (forward, back, side, barbell or dumbbell). Very exhausting is walking with lunges. You hold two dumbbells on the sides and go with far lunges through the studio. You will experience a further increase if you go up a flight of stairs in this way. In all lunges always make sure not to go through the knees. Always keep it in front of your toes. A good exercise for your adductors are sumo squats. Here you place your two feet as far apart as you know it from the Sumo fighters. Armed with a dumbbell or a Kettle Belle, you go as far to your knees as you can. The thighs may be maximally parallel to the ground. Do not be afraid of heavy weights. You will feel it very intensively. For the hamstrings, the deadlift with straight legs as well as exercises on the machine are well suited for bending the leg while lying down. Combine these two workouts with 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. In the squats, you have to keep your back straight - just like with squats. In the leg bruiser, you should contract your toes to achieve the best possible muscle contraction.

A strong and flat stomach

You can calmly train your abs with every workout. If that's a good way for you, you should do that as well. Start with crunches on the exercise ball. They train the upper abdomen. Take a dumbbell or a weight plate and put it on your chest. Place your shoulder blades on the ball. Now press your stomach by flexing your hips. Keep your back as flat as possible and tense your abdominal muscles. Concentrate on just pressing with your hips. In the crunches, the shoulders remain calm on the ball. A second good exercise are sit-ups on the incline bench. Take a weight plate and hold your arms outstretched as you squeeze and come up with your upper body. For the oblique abdominal muscles, you sit down on the floor and bend your knees. Hold a dumbbell with outstretched arms. Lift your feet a few inches from the ground and turn your arms together with the disc from left to right and vice versa. Always keep your upper body straight. Probably the most uncomfortable and difficult part of the abdominal training are the exercises for the lower abdomen. Very intense is the leg raises in a dip stand. Optionally, use arm slings that you attach to a chin-up bar. Raise your legs up to your chest. Hold it there for a few seconds before lowering it back to its starting position. Tighten your abs during the entire repetition. Keep your feet close so that the ankles touch each other. Concentrate on the movement as your body tends to bend forward.

Strong shoulders

Full round shoulders make the waist look thinner. In order to train all the muscle parts of the shoulders, you should do front, side, and back exercises. For the front shoulder you take the military press with dumbbells. You can do it either one-armed or two-armed. For the lateral shoulder, standing lateral raises with the dumbbells (lateral raises) are ideal. The back stays straight. For the back shoulder, you can stand sideways pulling on the cable with one arm. The cable guide is located in the middle of the body. Bend your knees a bit and let the upper body straight. Take a hanger or D-handle. Rather choose a low weight, because the power of the back shoulder muscles is rather low. Now pull the rope sideways past your upper body until your elbow is behind your back. Hold it there for two seconds. Return the rope to its original position. Do the exercise very slowly and concentrated.

The best is yet to come

Some of these tips will help you get your dream figure. The purpose is to try new things. Only then can you find out if they are something for you. You have to push your limits and challenge yourself. Do not hold on to false promises and "should, could, should". Increase your abilities and help yourself to your dream body.

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