Body type also called somatotyping or metabolic type is divided into the simplest level 3 different metabolic types.

This is genetically determined and can basically be changed neither by the most intensive training nor by the best nutrition.

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What, on the other hand, can be changed, and ultimately counts, is the phenotype. The phenotype is the visual appearance of the body and can be changed through optimal nutrition, training and discipline.

In the thirties, a sports scientist named William Sheldon identified the three body types mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. No one can be fully assigned to a single body type, but most of the time one type is more pronounced than the others.
No matter which body type you count on, everyone can achieve their goals in different ways with appropriate training, nutrition and discipline. -> phenotype

No one is a completely pure type, but each has features of all three types. There are about eighty subgroups in Sheldon's typology. Fat accumulation, muscle growth and skeletal structure are closely correlated. An endo-mesomorphic type would be a basically muscular athletic type, with a tendency to heavy fat deposits.

The determination of your own body type helps for your own body understanding, optimal nutrition and proper training methods.
With the help of the information on fitness magnet you can determine your type pretty quickly.

However, the above-mentioned subdivision into 3 types is nowadays mostly used only as a short basic assessment in the fitness area, so that the training program can be adapted to it. The types and underlying theories are from today's perspective more than questionable, since they can not be scientifically refuted.

If the somatotype determination is still performed by the sports physician today, the "Heart and Carter A Modified Somatype Method" from 1967 is often used.

This contains 10 different measured values ​​in addition to the standard somatotype photographs.

  • Height
  • body weight
  • Skin thickness measurement at 4 points
  • 2 circumferential measurements on extremities
  • 2 bone width determinations.

A somatotype index is calculated from this using a formula.

Details of each body type

  1. Ectomorph - tendency to thinness

    Can eat what he wants and has no problems with body fat. It is all the more difficult to build muscle for an ectomorph.

  2. Mesomorph - tendency to muscularity

    By nature the typical athlete, easily builds muscle and has good muscle mass and body fat ratios.

  3. Endomorph - Tendency to obesity and / or pyknomorphic

    Although builds muscle mass relatively quickly, but also tends to fat start. That's why endomorphs have more to do with proper nutrition than training.


Conclusion body type determination

The metabolic type determination of Wiliam Sheldon can be determined relatively easily. From this, the training focuses and eating habits can be adjusted. So do not make the mistake and copy the training or the diet from the training partner, just because he / she succeeds. If the type is different, the result may be negative. Each guy is capable of very good results so no reason to throw the gun in the dust.

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