When it comes to losing weight, there are numerous instructions circulating on the Internet, in particular, about how to do this as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, these guides usually only focus on reducing weight and not necessarily primarily fat, which is clearly contrary to the goals of most exercisers. In fact, since dieting is not about losing weight alone, the following article lists ten mistakes you should avoid as part of your diet for optimal results.

Mistake 1 - You overlook obvious things

It is almost incomprehensible how much exercising men know about nutrition, but equally alarming, how little they put it into action. Rather than analyzing your own eating habits for mistakes, a lot of time is wasted searching the internet for the latest dietary products and fat burner workouts. But without realizing that the cause of the lack of success in the four frozen pizzas is to be found at the weekend or the plethora of "healthy" nuts consumed in front of the TV, you will continue to stand still. So be honest with yourself and keep a food diary to discover obvious sources of error and initiate appropriate action.

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Error 2 - Do not fall for fake products

It has recently become fashionable among food manufacturers to declare each product particularly healthy in order to boost sales among the increasingly health-conscious population. However, especially with light products, it is the case that, for example, fat that has been saved is replaced one to one by sugar, which may make the product even more unhealthy than before. In order not to fall for the tricks of the food manufacturers, it is imperative that you read the labels on the back of the product and also pay attention to words such as maltodextrin, glucose syrup and other synonyms for sugar. However, it is much better if you only buy fresh ingredients for your diet if possible and leave industrially processed products on the shelf.

Mistake 3 - Do not be primarily focused on weight loss

When men talk about losing weight, they actually mean that they want to lose fat. Accordingly, losing weight does not necessarily mean success, because if you go all wrong, you lose a disproportionate amount of muscle and look like a herring after your diet. In particular, your diet plays a crucial role in this context, because both an oversized calorie deficit and the consumption of too little protein can cause you to lose a lot of muscle mass. Make sure that during a diet you maintain a controlled calorie deficit of a maximum of 500 calories and always consume a good 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Mistake 4 - You eat too little

While it may be necessary to achieve a caloric deficit in order to lose fat, this does not mean that you should starve to death as part of your diet, as this will in the long run slow your metabolism and stop fat loss. Therefore, make sure that you always provide your body with sufficient energy in the form of macronutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates. In practice, your diet should consist of two grams of protein and one gram of fat per pound of bodyweight, while you should cover the remainder of your energy balance with high-quality carbohydrates.

Error 5 - soft drinks

Even if some calorie-free soft drinks per week do not necessarily hurt you, you should keep the consumption in a healthy frame. As a result of the excessive consumption of light drinks, the so-called "Big Mac and Diet Coke" phenomenon often occurs, causing many people to think that they could eat more without significantly increasing their calorie savings. So you do not get into this trap, you should avoid such drinks or at least limit their consumption consciously.

Error 6 - source of danger weekend

Especially on weekends, many ambitious recreational athletes throw their good food overboard during a celebration marathon and consume tons of fast food in addition to numerous alcoholic drinks, which is not conducive to fat loss, especially since alcohol greatly reduces the ability of your body to burn fat. So if you hit the strings regularly on weekends, you should not complain about poor results.

Mistake 7 - Too few vegetables

Traditionally, vegetables are much less important in a man's diet than in the diet of women. However, since the fiber is essential for your body, you should increase your vegetable consumption as much as possible. In addition, these dietary fiber helps you stay fuller longer, so you do not feel embarrassed about eating too much.

Mistake 8 - Fear of carbohydrates

Another frequently committed mistake is the extreme avoidance of carbohydrates, which has a negative effect on your physical and mental performance, especially over a longer period of time. In this context, however, you should make sure that you avoid short-chain carbohydrates outside the pre- and post-workout nutrition and instead seize high-quality long-chain carbohydrate sources.

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Mistake 9 - You are drinking too little

Since your body is about 80 percent water, it is clear that you should take enough fluid to maintain your performance. In reality, however, 75 percent of people drink far too little, what you should avoid as possible, since the fat metabolism is negatively influenced by a lack of fluids.

Mistake 10 - Do not rely blindly on others

Although the training and nutrition systems of many trainers have already established themselves and lead to the desired success in many people, the biological individuality of each individual can not be hidden. So stick to the basic dietary rules that apply to everyone, rather than wasting your energy with dubious measures.

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