Percentage of protein, amino acid profiles, additives, added vitamins and minerals, shakes for weight gainers, vegans, recreational athletes or power lifters: Who has an overview here? So what is more obvious than to make muscle-building protein drinks yourself?

Which protein can you use?

Here you have the choice between different components: Whey protein, soy protein, casein, milk protein, egg protein, etc. Important is the biological value, which indicates by means of a number, to what extent your body can use this protein shake at all. As a reference, the full egg, which was rated with a number of 100. The lower the biological value of a product, the more you have to eat to get enough protein for your personal goals.

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Add green vegetables to your shake

The daily recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day we barely reach in our hectic everyday life. A good idea is to prepare a green smoothie yourself every day. Plant foods are often said to be less valuable to the human body (due to its amino acid profile) than animal proteins. This can be argued. It is undeniable, however, that plant food brings many benefits in our lives. The phytochemicals (flavonoids, etc.) are just one helper, the increased fiber content another. Even if you may not be able to imagine that green smoothies can taste really delicious, just give it a try. Add some protein powder to your freshly mixed vegetables and you will be able to replace a wholesome meal. Alternatively you can also try different powdered plant powders (algae, spirulina, wheatgrass).

Fat is also important

Even if you want to lose body weight: Good fats and oils are also part of your shake. Your body needs lipids to utilize the fat-soluble vitamins and to keep your skin supple. Olive oil, naturally cold pressed, is a wonderful addition. Linseed oil is also full of valuable ingredients. However, it has its own taste, which should be carefully approached. By the way: Do not buy large oil containers in stock. Oils are very sensitive foods and should be kept cool and dark. They are quickly spoiled and thus more harmful than useful. With coconut oil or other nut oils, you not only add high-quality fatty acids to your shake, but at the same time you expand them with interesting flavor components. Particularly suitable are the many delicious nut butter types (peanut butter, almond paste).

Fresh fruits instead of fruit juices

You'll get particularly tasty protein shakes when you chop fresh fruit in your blender. Fresh fruits contain, unlike fruit juices, much more nutrients. Also, the risk is not so high that they shock your blood sugar levels and increase it by leaps and bounds. If you do not have to pay attention to the calories, bananas will taste good to you. They not only give your shake a natural sweetness, but also a special consistency. If you want to keep your carbohydrate intake low, berries of all kinds are ideal. Add enough protein and your blood sugar level will stay low and stable.

Is the use of protein shakes essential for muscle growth?

A high quality diet with enough protein and fresh foods is the best way to get a fit and healthy body. You do not have to use protein shakes to build muscle. Without hard training you will not get a perfect body even with the help of protein powder. Sometimes it can be difficult to absorb enough protein with your daily meals. Shakes are a very useful supplement here. Protein powders also eliminate unwanted components (purines, cholesterol) that an extremely meaty diet can bring.


The preparation of a high-quality protein shake succeeds in a few minutes with a good mixer or blender. You can also prepare them and take them with you in a suitable container, if you know that your daily routine will not allow you a full lunch or nutritionally sensible snacks. A hectic everyday life does not necessarily conflict with a muscle-building diet. With homemade protein drinks you can not only take your daily amount of protein. You also know what ingredients are in your shake.

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