On "wide cross"Is a popular expression for a particularly pronounced v-shaped back, which looks very attractive, especially in men. Even with the ladies, especially in the sports rowing, gymnastics or swimming, a broad cross is recognizable. A broad cross has always stood for strength and a well-toned body. For the strength athlete, the question now arises how the athlete can train the broad cross and which exercises are most suitable for the respective muscle parts. Below we will inform you about the important muscle groups and the associated exercises that are responsible for the V-shape of your back muscles.

Which muscles are responsible for a "broad cross"?

For the development of a broad back musculature several muscle parts play an important role. Especially the width back muscle or latissimus dorsi The small and large round muscle as well as the hood muscle and the large and small rhomboid muscle are responsible for the appearance of a broad cross. Below, we have now selected the appropriate exercises for these muscle parts, so you can complete an intensive training program for the back.

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Important: Pay attention to your grip during a back exercise

Before you start with back exercises, you should know that it can be crucial for successful muscle building as you use your hands in each movement. Especially with pull-ups, you can use various grips (undergrip, overgrip or lateral grip) to determine exactly which muscles in the back can be addressed and exercised. For example, if you are exercising with an underhand grip, you place the focus of this exercise on the inner areas of the back muscles, while you attack the outer areas of the back muscles with one attack. With the different grip variants, you have the opportunity to intensively and effectively train specific muscles.

The three main back exercises for a broad cross

All exercises for a wide cross focus on the broad back muscle. The specific training of the Latissimus brings rapid successes for the V-shaped appearance of the back and should therefore be preferred for the development of a broad cross. We do not want to miss out on sentence presets and repetitions, as you should start with just a few repetitions during the exercise.

1st rowing

rowing is the classic exercise for a broad cross. This intensive exercise can be performed either with free dumbbells, on the cable pull or on a so-called rowing machine. The best example of a wide cross is the appearance of the rowers, who often have to train every day these pulling movements for their sport. Especially recommended is the one-armed rowing with a dumbbell or rowing with a barbell standing up. Important in these exercises is a straight back and that the elbows are not stretched out.

2. Deadlift

Almost all bodybuilders and strength athletes swear by the elementary back exercise deadlift, It is also important in this exercise, the correct execution, so you should only slowly increase the weight on the barbell. In the starting position, you stand in front of the dumbbell with your toes under the bar and your shins touching the bar lightly. You stand almost shoulder-width and grasp with your hands the barbell with a wide but comfortable upper grip or cross handle. Now push your hips back and slowly lift the weight up until you're upright again.

3. Pull ups

Also pull ups belong to the classic exercises and are still considered the most effective back exercises, as they train especially the broad back muscle. In the exercise of pull-ups, the movement sequences as a broad pull-up in the upper grip, close pull-up in the lower grip and as pull-up with a neutral grip, which is also known as a hammer handle. Pull-ups in the wide upper grip should always be pulled on the chest, as pull-ups that are pulled back are not recommended because of the high load on the shoulder joints. Although wide pull-ups in the upper grip are strenuous, they ensure fast back growth and thus a broad cross. In the variant tight pull-ups in the lower grip especially the upper arms are trained. If you want to train the Latissimus strengthened, so you should choose the so-called monkey grip for this exercise. Pull-ups in a neutral grip position (hammer grip) are performed narrow to shoulder width and train the same muscle groups as in the tight pull-ups in the lower grip. Make sure that your arms are not fully extended, as otherwise it will be harder for you to pull them up the pole.

Aesthetics also have something to do with genetics!

If you want to train yourself on a broad cross, then you should take into account that the attractive V-shape of the back is also dependent on genetic conditions. Not everyone reaches a broad cross with an intense training program. For example, if you have narrow shoulders and a broad hips, you can never optically reach a broad cross, as the physical requirements for our aesthetic sensibility are not there. A well-toned back but has harmed no one, especially if you exercise a sedentary job. Your back will thank you.

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