The daily protein supply for the muscle building can sometimes be difficult to make money. As a result, many athletes are always looking for cheap alternatives to help them meet their protein needs. To make your search easier, this article will introduce you to 9 muscle-building meals that are not only high-protein and tasty, but also cheap.

Toning Breakfast

Meal 1 - Fruit smoothie with Greek yogurt, oatmeal and banana
If you need to get up quickly in the morning and you do not have time to have a hearty breakfast, this breakfast variant is perfect for you, as it's not only fast-paced, but also provides you with all the important macro and micronutrients needed to build muscle. All you need to prepare is a large goblet of Greek yogurt, a large banana and about 30 grams of pungent oatmeal. Add these ingredients to an electric blender, add some more water and mix until a creamy consistency results. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 53.5 grams Protein: 28 grams Fat: 1.5 grams Fuel: 325 kilocalories Cost per portion: 1,70 euros

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Meal 2 - protein pancakes
If you have more time in the morning, protein pancakes are a true alternative to cereal or wholemeal bread. To make the dough, you'll need 25 grams of pungent oatmeal, 125 grams of Greek yogurt, 3 egg whites and half a scoop whey protein powder. In this regard, however, you should refrain from too unusual taste experiments. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk with a whisk until the mixture is homogeneous. Then you put the dough in a preheated pan, which you have lightly greased first. As soon as the pancake is ready, you finally sprinkle it with a large teaspoon of unsweetened peanut butter. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 41 grams Protein: 41 grams Fat: 14 grams Fuel: 423 kilocalories Cost per portion: 1.80 euros

Having lunch

Meal 3 - Berry salad with chicken breast
This meal will almost certainly bring variety to your muscle-building diet, as the combination of berry and chicken is not always commonplace but still very tasty. First cut about 250 grams of chicken fillet into bite-sized pieces and fry them together with a little salt and pepper in a pan. While the meat is cooking, you prepare the lettuce bed, which consists of about 125 grams of corn salad and 60 grams of berries. Of course, you are free to choose which berry varieties you want to use. Feel free to experiment with different berries. As soon as the meat is ready, you put it on the lettuce bed and distribute three teaspoons of balsamic vinegar as a dressing over your creation for the coronation. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 33 grams Protein: 45 grams Fat: 2 grams Fuel: 342 kilocalories Cost per portion: 2.50 euros

Meal 4 - turkey wraps
Another great and protein-rich snack is a turkey-filled wrap. All you need for a serving is 125 grams of turkey breast fillet, a large tortilla wrap, 30 grams of fresh leaf spinach and 15 grams of reduced-fat cheese. In the first step you season the meat to your taste and fry it sharply. Then you fill it with the cheese and the spinach in the tortilla wrap and roll it together. This turkey warp is also ideal as a snack on the go. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 18 grams Protein: 30.5 grams Fat: 5.5 grams Fuel: 292 kilocalories Cost per portion: 2.10 euros

Meal 5 - tuna cakes sandwich
Before you can enjoy the tuna sandwich, you first have to make the tuna stuffing. This consists of course from tuna (1 can in its own juice), a teaspoon of flaxseed, three teaspoons of egg white, a teaspoon of chopped onions, half a clove of garlic and a splash of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make two flat meatballs, fry for 6 to 7 minutes from each side. Now you just have to place the finished tuna meatballs on wholegrain toast and the tuna meatball sandwiches are done. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 62 grams Protein: 41 grams Fat: 6 grams Fuel: 495 kilocalories Cost per portion: 2.40 euros

Meal 6 - Sweet Potato Turkey Burger
For the preparation you need a big sweet potato and about 100 grams of turkey tartar. Mince the sweet potato and put it together with the tartare, some spinach and salt and pepper in a bowl and all to a homogeneous mass. Then make two Burgerbuletten out of it and fry them in a preheated pan. Finally, you prove two wholemeal bread rolls, which you can also prove with iceberg lettuce and onions. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 40 grams Protein: 30 grams Fat: 3 grams Fuel: 305 kilocalories Cost per portion: 2.50 euros

Meal 7 - Spaghetti with cottage cheese sauce
While the whole wheat pasta cooks in salted water, you can prepare the sauce, which consists of a cup of cottage cheese, an egg and 20 grams of Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. First mix all basic ingredients in a bowl and then put them in a small pot. Heat the resulting mixture over low heat so that the sauce base does not clot. Once the sauce has picked up in temperature, you add about 30 milliliters of pasta water, as it is important for the binding of the sauce. Finally, you just have to taste the sauce before you can enjoy your creation. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 54 grams Protein: 42 grams Fat: 14 grams Fuel: 543 kilocalories Cost per portion: 2.50 euros

Sweet for building muscle

Meal 8 - Homemade protein bars
If protein bars are simply too expensive for you, but you still do not want to give up on the protein kick for muscle growth, you should simply make your bars on your own, because that's actually a lot easier than it seems. You only need low-fat milk, oatmeal and protein powder. To make four bars, add 30 grams of tender and 30 grams of pungent oatmeal together with a scoop of protein powder to a bowl and stir with a little milk until you get a viscous mass. You distribute these on a baking sheet or in a baking pan, which you have previously lined with baking paper. After the mass has spent about 30 minutes in the oven, you can take it out and portion as desired. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 34.5 grams Protein: 30 grams Fat: 9 grams Fuel: 325 kilocalories Cost per portion: 1.50 euros

Meal 9 - Protein Ice Cream
If you thought that you would have to do without ice cream as part of your muscle-building diet, you were wrong, because with little effort, you can also make an exercise-worthy variant on your own. All you need is coconut milk, protein powder and a few fruits of your choice. First you cut the fruit into small pieces and put them together with four Scoops protein powder in a bowl. Now you add so much coconut milk until a tough mass results. If your ice cream is getting too fluid, just add a little more protein powder to correct it. Finally, you fill the ice cream in a suitable container, which makes you disappear for a few hours in the freezer. Nutritional information: Carbohydrates: 28 grams of protein: 27 grams Fat: 10.5 grams Fuel: 305 kilocalories Cost per portion: 1.65 euros

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