If there's something in your apartment like an object that has the characteristics of Dr. Ing. Jekyll and Mr Hyde perfectly united, then your fridge. On the one hand, it's a veritable minefield of temptations that tempt you into a frenzy late at night. On the other hand, your fridge is also a true miniature depot for building muscle. Which character your fridge now takes in detail, however, lies with you alone or with it, with which you fill it. At least we have a little hint for you here, because if you keep the following 9 foods for pre- and post-workout meals in your fridge, he will always be your friend.

Nahrungsmittel 1 · cottage cheese

In addition to its extremely versatile usability, the biggest advantage of the cottage cheese primarily in its complete amino acid profile, so that your organism can be best supplied with all important amino acids for protein synthesis. The focus here is also on the fact that cottage cheese is largely composed of whey protein and casein, so that the milk product is suitable for use immediately after training as well as for bridging longer periods without food intake. However, the positive influence on the nitrogen balance, which is essential for muscle building, is also proven. Due to its relatively neutral taste, you can also prepare cottage cheese with hearty salt, pepper and herbs as well as sweetened with cinnamon, fruits or various flavors.  

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Nahrungsmittel 2 · eggs

Another food that must not be left out of your fridge is eggsbecause in the wide range of foods there is hardly any other that gives you higher quality protein. Already a single egg will provide you with up to 8 grams of high-quality egg protein, which due to its biological value is not for nothing the reference value for the eponymous biological value index. Like the cottage cheese, eggs also have all 9 amino acids. Apart from protein quality, eggs also score with their micronutrient content. In addition to vitamin D, which by the way is only contained in very few foods, mention should also be made of vitamin B 12, which is of immense importance both for the metabolisation of fat and for the neuronal communication between brain and musculature.

Nahrungsmittel 3 · avocados

Of course they are avocados not for everyone. But if you can make friends with these fruits, they definitely belong in your fridge, because they can especially help you lose weight. That this is indeed the case is confirmed by a recent scientific study published in the US Nutritional Journal. In detail, the consumption of half an avocado can reduce the desire to eat by as much as 40 percent. In addition, the avocado contains a high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid, which among other things improves the endurance of the muscles, as the hyperacidity is postponed for a while.

Nahrungsmittel 4 · Berry

Berry They are not considered to be true superfoods for nothing, because they are indeed suppliers of many valuable macro and micronutrients. Particularly beneficial is the fact that most berries have a very low glycemic index, so that the blood sugar remains relatively stable as a result of consumption and food cravings thus can be early on a bar. Berries also contain many antioxidants that play a crucial role in cell health, as they repair damaged cell structures and counteract inflammatory responses, among other things. Strawberries, blueberries, blueberries and raspberries should always have a permanent place in your fridge when it is in season.

Nahrungsmittel 5 · Griechischer Joghurt

One of the most advantageous dairy products is the reduced fat Greek yogurtwhich, however, is not only marginally different from classic natural yoghurt. The biggest difference between Greek yogurt and plain natural yoghurt is that the latter contains only half as much protein as its Greek counterpart. Together with the fact that it also contains significantly less sugar and salt, the Greek yogurt is predestined to be a particularly valuable product for supporting muscle building. Combine the Greek yoghurt simply with various flavors and berries and you get a whole range of different flavors, which guarantee on the plate no boredom and are also extremely healthy.

Nahrungsmittel 6 · salmon

What you need for muscle growth, especially proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. A food that gives you both nutrients in large numbers, is the salmonso that, if you like fish, it definitely belongs in your fridge. Obviously, omega-3 fatty acids support muscular regeneration, as highlighted by the results of a US study published in the 20011 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In addition, the wild salmon as well as the egg is one of the few foods that contain a significant concentration of vitamin D.

Nahrungsmittel 7 · spinach

If we have learned something from television in our youth, then it is quite certain that spinach good for us, because with nothing else Popeye has finally truly received superhuman powers. Well, leafy vegetables are not all that good, but Swedish scientists have recently figured out why spinach is good for your muscles. The secret lies in the nitrate contained in it, which affects both muscle building and muscle tone. In addition, spinach is also an excellent source of folic acid, especially as it is involved, inter alia, in the repair of DNA and in the formation of red blood cells. However, when buying spinach, make sure that you only use raw spinach, as the previous cooking process already loses a large part of the micronutrients it contains.

Nahrungsmittel 8 · milk

milk is another food that not only enjoys an extraordinary reputation, but also by no means is missing in your fridge. Just like the Greek yoghurt, milk also contains a combination of whey protein and casein, which makes the food a multifunctional starting point for the Protein synthesis and thus the muscle is suitable. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also shows that milk as a post-workout meal is significantly more effective for muscle growth than, for example, the combination of soy protein and a readily available carbohydrate.  

Nahrungsmittel 9 · lowfat quark

The last food you should definitely put in your fridge is lowfat quark, Magerquark offers the best value for money in terms of the protein it contains, and contains a good 60 grams of the best protein and only a negligible amount of fat and carbohydrates per cup, which costs an average of just 60 cents. The contained protein is in particular casein, so that lean quark is best suited as a bedtime snack in order to supply the organism with a sufficient amount of nutrients over this long period of time. In order to make the quark, which admittedly is not necessarily pure culinary delicacy, something tasty, you can combine it to your heart's content with milk, sweetener, flavors and fruits.

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