Those who practice strength training intensively know exactly that the efficiency of a training program is not determined by conventional training tips from the popular magazines. Even new exercises for the training program can not say anything about the effectiveness of your individual workout. There are actually several points and rules that can be important to success in building muscle and improving strength training. Efficient training consists of many important methods and techniques that can be critical to individual success. Not only a heavy weight is important for the training success, but also the mental attitude and a clean technique can help you to reach your goals. Below we have put together 8 rules that can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of every strength athlete. If you actually follow the individual tips, then you too can achieve a considerable increase in performance in your training.

1. Which workout is the best?

Those who build muscle often wonder what workout is best for the training program. The answer is pretty easy: There is no perfect workout! You can design any exercise program to be efficient for your body or not. This depends solely on the intensity of the individual exercises. While there are individual tips that you can follow, otherwise the success and efficiency of your training will always depend on how hard you train each exercise. Lift heavy weights, use short regeneration pauses and exercise for a maximum of one hour or less. These tips provide rules, but do not decide on success in training.

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2. Train with heavy weights

The majority of your exercises should consist of the basic exercises squats, deadlifts, bench presses or chin-ups. In addition, you can of course include isolation exercises with dumbbells and training, but this form of training is not important for the big muscles. For the beginner, building muscle should be a priority before starting isolation exercises. For the basic exercises like squats or deadlifts you should only use very heavy weights. Focus your training on exercises for muscle mass so you can get fast results in no time.

3. The correct technique is more important than heavy weights

Make sure that lifting weights is not everything. Whether you want to burn fat or start training for muscle growth, the correct technique and execution of each exercise is paramount. A perfect work routine stimulates the muscle cells and also ensures that the body is spared injury. The last thing you need for your training is an injury. Use the time in your gym to apply clean techniques and perfect execution in each exercise. Control the weight before it controls you.

4. Use the mental strength

Mental toughness is just as important as a strong physique. Your strength is not defined by the physique or how much weight you have put on the bench press. Your strength is not determined by your emotions. Strength in strength training consists of constancy and assertiveness. For example, if you're training deadlifts, you often think you can not exercise the next exercise because the weight is too heavy. Once you have internalized this idea, the game is lost. Always stay optimistic, never concentrate and doubt your success. Plan your sentences and repetitions and always execute them to the end, then you're the winner.

5. Integrate exercises with your own body weight

Exercises with your own body weight such as push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups or dips are part of every exercise program. That sounds simple, but this training method is not for beginners. If these exercises become too easy for you, then you should incorporate heavier exercises into your exercise program as soon as possible. If you master the normal pull-ups, then you should switch to Decline pull-ups. These exercises strengthen the body and provide strength in the movement.

6. Avoid training in the group

If you do not want to work out by yourself then you should train with a so-called workout buddy. Many athletes train better and more effectively when they can train together with an athlete who can give them the necessary motivation. Training in the group often distracts and can lead to less training. If you want to work out with somebody, then you should always train only with another person.

7. Motivate yourself with music

Listen to your favorite music during the workout. Many studies have shown that listening to music during training can lead to better training success. Prepare your list of music before your training sessions at home, so that you do not have to try to choose your songs for your training program. Wear good headphones so you will not be distracted from the conversations by the other athletes.

8. Record the number of workouts

When you control your training routines, you know exactly what your current level is. Control over the training and statistics on all training procedures can ensure that the efficiency of the training can be significantly improved. Always improve your exercises by, for example, increasing the number of reps or putting on more weight. This is also the so-called Progressive Overload method, which many athletes integrate in their training plan. The best way to control a fitness tracker or a smartphone with a fitness app. Both mobile devices can be used anywhere and are the ideal companion for any sport.

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