Of the weight training is not just a hobby like reading, stamp collecting or fishing. Strength training is much more, because it does not confine itself to the short time you devote yourself to it consciously, but influences your whole life from getting up to eating and planning the weekend. As is the case with all things of such importance, strength training can also be an excellent teacher. The eight things you can learn from weight training for your life are explained in the following article.

Lesson 1 - Each piece of the puzzle is important

Your body is more than just the sum of its components, because we all want to get the most out of our body, and for completely different motives. An example: If you want to be a complete bodybuilder, it is not possible to have an excellently trained upper body, but in return spindly legs. You can only reach your full potential if you consider every little piece of the puzzle, ie every single muscle, important. Look at Powerlifter, Strongmen or CrossFit athletes. These are only able to reach their performance limits because their bodies are fully trained in every fiber, so all muscles work together efficiently. Of course, you do not have to be a professional athlete to take this message to heart. It can be transferred to your entire life, because at work, in education, the family and the circle of friends, it is the little things that matter.

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Lesson 2 - You have to believe it to get it done

Do you know a person in your environment who has reached a major milestone or important goal in their life without believing in themselves all the time? Have you ever heard of a sportsman at the Olympics who set a new personal record without believing in himself? You may have joked about what happens if they do not reach their destination. But would they even have tried, if they had not believed in themselves? Unlikely! So one thing is clear: you really have to believe in yourself, because that is the only way you can exploit your full potential. Otherwise you will never do it. Of course, while this little trick does not always work, and certainly not according to the motto "The sky is the limit," you'll find that you can still take a different turn in your life.

Lesson 3 - Setbacks are the foundation of success

Let's talk a bit about failure. And about the failure in the context of muscle building. That's where a philosophy that you probably know very well says that you need to push your muscles to their limits to get stronger. The goal is absolute muscle failure, but without that you hurt yourself. In the context of training, failure is not only good, but almost essential. Only then does the muscle get a sufficient stimulus that causes it to adapt to a challenge. Paradoxically, this relationship can be transferred to many other areas of life, because let's be honest, no one goes through his life without one or the other defeat. Yes, of course there are some boxers who have not lost a fight yet. But you can be sure that he has suffered defeat in another area of ​​his life. Maybe it was even these defeats that consolidated him and fueled his sporting success. The feeling of defeat can release such strong forces in us that we can achieve almost everything afterwards. 

Lesson 4 - Valuable things are not easy to achieve

Do you know why so many people strive to achieve the greatest in any area? Very easily. Because only very few achieve this true greatness at all. And it does not matter which destination you chase after. For example, if you want to have a great body, it will not happen overnight. On the contrary, it takes years of dedication, which also requires a strong will that prevents us from giving up halfway. But by no means everyone has this iron will.

Exactly this aspect also has great significance outside of the weight room, because all the big things in life demand a lot of discipline and stamina. It does not matter if it comes to buying a house, finally driving a dream car or climbing the top of the career ladder. Just like in the weight room, you have to work hard for your goals, invest a lot of time, and not allow yourself to be thrown off course by a bad day. If you have internalized this principle and act on the principle of "constant dripping hollow the stone", you will stand on the heels of success in the long run.

Lesson 5 - Every day counts

Surely you also know this one guy who managed to eat clean for a day, once had a really good workout and then strutted out of the studio as if he could win the Mr. Olympia? No? We neither. And do you know why? Because there are no such people. And the reason is simple, because it does not matter to do something perfectly. It is much more important to build up a certain level of consistency and to deliver at least a good performance every day. This is not only true in the gym, but also at the school desk, in the lecture hall or at work. If you at least try to do your best every day, you will be more successful in the long run than those who strive for perfection for a short period of time but do not sustain it and eventually give it up.

Lesson 6 - To be selfless, you have to be self-responsible

We all care about our family and friends and want to be there whenever our loved ones need us. This is completely natural when it comes to people who are close to our hearts. Have you ever met people who tend to even risk their health for the sake of other people's well-being in the long term? And that's not all, because later, when the burden is too great and the health is felt, this person feels even bad, because she can not be there for her love at the moment. 

What this little story should tell you is actually quite simple. You need to understand that you can best assist other people only when you feel good about yourself and take responsibility for your health. If you want to reach this state, you have to take care of your diet and devote yourself regularly to your fitness.

Lesson 7 - You are a product of your environment

When you start exercising freshly, it is very important for which gym you choose, because you will be a product of your environment, for better or worse. Why? For example, you have two studios in your city to choose from. When you first enter, you'll spot it as a high-gloss fitness temple, where older men train with polo shirts, park convertibles outside the door, and talk more on the training surface and play around with the latest iPhone. One day later you enter the other studio and see between the Spartan interior and endless mountains of weight plates three athletes who look like you could pull a truck or model for an Adonis statue. So now comes the price question: In which studio will you develop better if your goal is to get the maximum out of you? Without answering the question in detail, it should be clear that the correct answer is "Studio 2". Well, this goes back to a socio-psychological effect discovered in a study that says that man is very much influenced by the five people he surrounds most of the time. So if you are mainly surrounded by pessimistic people, you become a pessimist yourself. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by positive people, that will also affect you. What are you waiting for? It's time to draw the right conclusions from this fact.

Lesson 8 - Keep your commitments

If you start with the fitness lifestyle, you will quickly realize that you can only get ahead if you regularly follow your training plan and consistently pay attention to your diet. This universal rule applies to the budding Mr. Olympia as well as the recreational athlete. But this is not enough, because this attitude is also true if you run a business, take a responsible position with your employer or assume responsibility in the private sector. Only if you are reliable and keep your commitments, you will achieve the great goals in your life.

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