Although most trainers in conversation with like-minded people often let it be seen that they had eaten the training-technical wisdom with spoons, it is always amazing that the same mistakes are made over and over again, which in the end result in the training results only suboptimal fail. This is why we took this opportunity to list 8 things that you should never do during your workout.

1 · Mit dem Smartphone telefonieren oder Kurznachrichten schreiben

The excessive use of the smartphone during training is a bad habit, which is seen more frequently in recent years, in particular, and has already caused so many times displeasure between Squat rack and weight bench. Is it really that hard to leave Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp alone for 1-2 hours? Can not you just postpone weekend planning or chatty small talk to the time after the workout? After leaving the gym, there's still plenty of time to fulfill your social media commitments.

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2 · Soziale Kontakte zu ausgiebig pflegen

Of course it's nice to meet your friends in the gym. And yes, it would indeed be an outrageous impudence not to shake hands with them and ask how they are doing. In return, however, this in no way means that you should interrupt your workout for a 20-minute conversation about the last Bundesliga match day or the difference between whey protein and casein. First, make sure that you put all your work behind you with the highest concentration behind you. Then you can still talk to your heart's content, as long as you do not keep your buddies from training.

3 · Auf Maschinen und freie Geräte warten

It's always a good idea to plan your training cleverly and tailor it to your individual strengths and weaknesses. However, the everyday reality in the fitness stamps of this republic teaches us that it is not always easy to follow a strict plan. So, if you register that the machine or device you are about to use seems to be occupied for a long time, you have two options. First, you're wondering if you can take turns, and second, you're looking for an alternate way to train the appropriate muscle group. But what you should never do is stand for ten minutes like counterfeit money, waiting for you to use the object of your desire. Keep the rhythm high, otherwise you will destroy your training focus.

4 · Keinen Spotter dabei haben

Do you actually know how often you see people in the gym who lie helplessly and with a fully loaded barbell on the chest on pusher bench? This happens more often than you think, and is primarily because many exercisers do not take a spotter, who can support them and intervene if necessary. Of course it is not possible for many athletes to use a motivated training partner at any time, but that does not mean that you should train without a spotter. Especially in the course of exercises such as bench presses or squats, it is advisable in terms of safety during training, to ask someone from the studio, if he is available to you as a spotter. However, your choice must not be arbitrary, because what use is a spotter that you can pull out in case of doubt not under a mountain of iron?

5 · Mit den Gedanken nicht bei der Sache sein

Hardly anything is able to influence your physical progress in the same way as your mental focus, which you demonstrate during your workout. The cause is the so-called Mind-Muscle-Connection, which is a connection between the mind and the musculature, which significantly influences your performance. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that during your training you are always fully involved and do not let your mind wander. Also between the sentences you should not lose the focus. Also think about the muscle to be trained during this time and try to feel it intensively.

6 · Eine schlechte Technik

It is obvious that this aspect need not really be mentioned separately, but in the face of the fact that a bad technique is still the reason for the lack of progress and the occurrence of injuries, we still do not want to do this at this point take. So stop fidgeting, getting momentum or bending you - that will not work! Make sure that your muscle is always under tension, even if that means you have to go down significantly with the training weight. After all, bodybuilding is primarily about the feeling of muscle and not primarily about the weight used.

7 · Zu viel Zeit im Studio verbringen

Even for professional bodybuilders there is no rational reason to spend more than 75 to 90 minutes in the studio. If you train with 100 percent intensity and pay attention to adequate sentence breaks, there is accordingly no need to spend the whole day in the gym. The only thing you can do with exaggerated exercise volume is an increase in cortisol levels, which in turn negatively affects your physical development. So go into the studio, power up within a maximum of 90 minutes and then concentrate on the regeneration.

8 · Während des Trainings essen

Time and again, athletes can be seen in various fitness studios who approve a protein bar during exercise or even make themselves comfortable on a weight bench with a Tupperware box full of rice. However, there is no reason to take in new food while exercising because the resulting energy is not available in time anyway. All you can do with this is the withdrawal of blood from the muscles, as it is needed for digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. If you really want to provide nutrients, then BCAAs are the highest of emotions.

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