There is only one part of the body that should be stiff during sex. Otherwise, flexibility and power are essential if you want to do your best in the bedroom. For that you have to be flexible - physically as well as mentally. Here is a training program that works on your body holistically so that all muscle groups work together functionally. This is not about the "typical" show muscles, because even with respect to the Beischlafs no area of ​​your body is irrelevant. These routines will also help you to perform some of the less common - and sometimes difficult - positions.

Routine 1: Build the torso and gluteal muscles for the missionary position

  • Übung 1 · Beinheben im Liegestützstand Raise your legs alternately until they are parallel to the ground. 1st phrases: 4 2nd reps: 15-20 each leg 3rd pause between sets: 60 seconds

Routine 2: Get the mobility you need for a big push in the doggy position

  • Übung 1 < ·Hydranten-Kicks
    From the quadruped stand you kick alternately with the legs left and right. Turn the body in the respective direction. 1st sets: 15 2nd reps: 15 each leg 3rd break: None
  • Übung 2 ·Hüftkreisen Dies ist einer der Klassiker unter den Übungen für den unteren Bauch. Du befindest dich in der Sitzstellung und kreist deine beiden geraden Beine abwechselnd links und rechtsherum. 1.    Sätze: 1
    2.    Wiederholungen: 30 3.    Pause: Keine
  • Übung 3 · Eseltritte You take turns knees against the chest and kick the respective leg forward. The foot is angled.

    1st set: 1 2nd reps: 15 per leg 3rd pause: None

    Routine 3: Strengthen your impact force by strengthening the back and torso

  • Übung 1 · ·n Rücken. Spanne die Bauchmuskeln an. 1.    Sätze: 3-4 2.    Wiederholungen: 8 3.    Pausen: 2 Minuten
  • Übung 2 ·Rumänisches Kreuzheben (mit geraden bzw. leicht angewinkelten Beinen) You also need a barbell for this exercise. Think of a straight back and strained abdominal muscles. 1st phrases: 3-4 2nd repetitions: 8 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 3 ·Kettlebell-Schwingen Here is a kettlebell dumbbell required. 1st phrases: 3-4 2nd reps: 15 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 4 ·Hüftheben mit Langhantel auf einer Bank Lie with your shoulders at a 90-degree angle on the bench and put the barbell on your hip. 1st phrases: 3-4 2nd reps: 15 3rd pauses: 2 minutes

    Routine 4: Strong back and thigh muscles to take her legs over her shoulders

  • Übung 1 · Kreuzheben mit der Langhantel Push the weight up from the heels and put your shoulders right. 1st phrases: 3 2nd reps: 6 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 2 · Langhantel-Rudern im Stehen Pull your shoulders back and keep your back straight. At the top, you hold the weight for a second to perfect your posture. 1st phrases: 3 2nd reps: 6-8 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 3 ·Einbeiniges Rumänisches Kreuzheben 1st phrases: 3 2nd repetitions: 8 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 4 · Umgekehrte Fliege auf der Schrägbank The face looks down. The elbows are slightly bent as you contract your shoulder blades. Your chest stays on the bench. At the top position you count to two, before you go slowly down again. 1st phrases: 3 2nd reps: 15 3rd pauses: 2 minutes
  • Übung 5 ·Schulterziehen mit Gummiband im Stehen Hold the band under tension with your arms outstretched and pull out with both arms until the band touches your chest. 1st movement: 32. Repetitions: 20

    3. breaks: 2 minutes

    Routine 5: Create strong conditions for the lateral positions

    In this routine, all instructions are as follows: 1. Phrases: 1 2. Repeats: 15 3. No pauses

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  • Übung 1 · Beinanziehen mit Füßen in TRX-Schlingen Go into the push-up stand and hang your feet in two loops on a TRX rack. Now pull both knees in the direction of the chest at the same time. Make sure to keep the TRX bands steady and not bob up and down. When you are done, turn your knees 45 degrees in both directions and make 2 × 15 crunches with your feet in the loops.
  • Übung 2 · Bergsteiger mit Füßen in TRX-Schlingen In the case of the Mountain Climber, you basically do the same as in exercise 1. Here, however, you draw your knees alternately in the direction of the chest. In this exercise, you should pay even more attention to keeping your feet centered and not wobbling with the TRX straps.  
  • Übung 3 · Seitliches Beinheben im Liegen Surely you know this classic exercise. Support yourself with your forearm and lift the leg about 45 degrees into the air. The foot should be angled.
  • Übung 4 · Seitliches Hüftheben Here you lie down on your side and use the forearm as a support. Now lift your hips off the floor until your body forms a straight line.
  • Übung 5 · Zehen ans Reck ("Toes-to-bar") Hang yourself up with both arms and lift your legs so high that your toes touch the pole. This is a very difficult and equally efficient exercise for your core muscles. 1st sentences: 1 2nd repetitions: 15 3rd No breaks

    Routine 6: love lifts for strong arms and strong trapezius muscles

  • Übung 1a · Schulternheben mit Kurzhanteln Stand straight, take the dumbbells in both hands and let the arms hang down on the side of the body. Now lift your shoulders. 1st Phrases: 3 2nd Repeats: 12 3rd No breaks

  • Übung 1b · Schulterheben mit Kurzhanteln vor der Brust Watch out for a straight stand. After the exercise do a farmer's walk with as much weight as possible. 1st phrases: 3 2nd reps: 12 3rd pauses: 30 seconds
  • Übung 2a · Stehende Bizeps-Curls mit Langhanteln – eng angefasst You should take a straight rod. If you try it on your wrists with an EZ bar, that's okay too. 1st Phrases: 3 2nd Repeats: 12 3rd No breaks
  • Übung 2b · Stehende Bizeps-Curls mit Kurzhanteln 1st Phrases: 1 2nd Repeats: 21 3rd Pauses: 30 seconds Make a split set with 3 × 7 reps. Train the lower and upper biceps with separate 45-degree reps. After the seven full reps, you'll do one farmer's walk each.
  • Übung 3a · dips Go down as far as possible with the dips until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. 1st Phrases: 3 2nd Repeats: 12 3rd No breaks
  • Übung 3b ·Kopfbrecher ("Skull Crusher") Lie down on the flat bench and take a well-stocked EZ bar. 1st Phrases: 3 2nd Repetitions: 12 3rd Pauses: 30 seconds After the exercise is again a farmer's turn - this time to muscle failure - turn. 

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