Many women have prejudices against fitness and strength training. We would like to inform you below that it is not just about a large and pronounced musculature in these two sports, but about a special lifestyle in which fitness and an individual strength training are integrated. Feeling good about sports and healthy eating are the outstanding values ​​for an attractive and well-toned body, which we would like to bring to you below in the six points.

1. Do not be afraid of weightlifting

Women often avoid intensive strength training because they can not understand how their body can benefit from heavy weights. First of all, you should know that you do not necessarily have to work out with heavy weights so that you can successfully complete strength training. Women have a different bone structure and a differently structured musculature like men, so the emphasis should be placed in a strength training for the woman completely different. The woman has to train tight tissue so she can set her body in scenes. These physical wishes can reach the woman especially well with light weights and many repetitions in the individual exercises. Particularly suitable are individual power machines, which ensure a correct course of motion and can exercise certain body zones of the woman intensively.

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2. Only cardio does not succeed

The Cardiopark in the gyms is a popular destination for many women. A good cardio training certainly has a firm place in an intensive fitness training. Cardio on the treadmill or stepper strengthens the heart and also helps that body fat can be burned. But it does not affect muscle growth and toning of the individual muscle parts. You should therefore know that Cardio alone can not conjure up a sporty and attractive body. Just by a quick weight loss, the tissue slackens, which you will certainly not like. Therefore always try to find success in the combination of cardio and strength training.

3. Everything about sentences and repetitions

Forget the sayings and phrases that are often used in training. "Today I made almost 50 repetitions again". This sounds a lot and can cause some athletes now some inferiority complexes. In fact, this sentence says nothing. If you put two kilos of weight on your dumbbells, then you can probably even do 100 repetitions. The basic rule for the number of repetitions is between 8 - 12 repetitions. Therefore, you should always choose your weight so that in practice you can repeat almost any exercise 8 to 12 times. This variant will guarantee you a quick success. In the sentences you should be able to create at least 3 sentence repetitions. Depending on how well you master the exercise and how intensively you train, you can then individually increase the number of sentences later.

4. Supplements

Most women avoid dietary supplements because they often believe that these supplements contain too much testosterone and can be harmful to their body. This opinion contradicts any scientific study results. There are quite good and valuable supplements, which are also suitable for women. But here too it should be taken into account that the woman does not need any muscles, but a tight tissue. A good whey protein is ideal for a firm body and is therefore recommended for the woman as a high-quality supplement. Also fish oil or creatine can be a valuable help to a woman in her training and ensure that a tight muscle tissue can be trained.

5. Diet

If you want to train an attractive, well-toned body with intensive sports training sessions, you must not forget an individual diet. The disciplined intake of healthy food is the key to firm and fit muscle tissue. The important impetus for body fat burning and weight loss is the nutrition affected. Which diet is best for you, but you have to find out among the many diet offers. Important is a good combination of valuable proteins such as turkey, chicken, salmon, mackerel with clean carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and a lot of green and leafy vegetables. A lot of fluids like water or tea are just as much a diet as enough fiber. Avoid one-sided diets that specialize only in the intake of certain foods. The success of beautiful, feminine muscles is the combination of training with nutrition, so it can not be the purpose of a diet that you become weak and powerless in the diet phase and can no longer exercise.

6. Stretching

Stretching or stretching is a movement that can bring tangible benefits, especially after intensive fitness or strength training. During stretching, the muscles are put under tension, so that the tired and often shortened muscles can be pulled back again. This type of stretching gymnastics can permanently improve mobility and flexibility and reduces the risk of injury. In addition, stretching reduces muscular imbalances and tightens muscle tissue.

With strategy for success

Strength training, fitness and even the necessary supplements are nothing new for women today. The important thing is always the right dose of the respective component, which every woman has to find out for herself. Individual metabolism also plays an important role in attractiveness, as digestion, fatigue and endurance are often dominated and controlled by the metabolism. But with sufficient discipline, the right attitude to life and the will to succeed, the attractive body with the tight muscle tissue will not be long in coming.

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