Before you enter a gym for the first time, you should be aware that even the Muckibude is not a room without rules and laws, where only the one who sets the tone loudest in the concert of the top dogs. In addition, numerous unwritten laws that you ought to adhere to regulate the interaction in the microcosm between squat rack and free-weight area. In this article, we'll list the 50 most important rules that you owe the respect of your fellow trainers.

1. Post-workout your used weights and dumbbells back in place. No one can suffer when 300 kilograms are on the leg press again or when the exercise equipment rolls over the floor in the free-weight area.

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2. In the squat rack is not gekurlt! Nor does it like to bother someone bowing to announce a Curl session.

3. Before you even open the door to the fitness temple, you should be aware that nobody wants to smell the smell of dried sweat in their nostrils. So, if you find that your workout clothes smell unpleasant the day before, you should immediately turn on your heels - the others will thank you.

4. After using a device, eliminate all traces of sweat, because nobody - not even a "squat rack curler" - wants to exercise in a pool of your humors.

5. If we are already on the subject of sweat. Never pretend to be a spotter on bench press if the sweat that comes from the last set of squats just runs off your forehead.

6. Never stand before someone who trains in front of a mirror. While you may find it strange to stare at yourself in the mirror, you should be aware that no one wants to see your waterhead in 3D while he's tormented with the last few repetitions.

7. Keyword Spiegel: Let the Doppelbizepspose be if someone trained next to you.

8. There is no - really no - reason to curlen dumbbell rack. Other athletes would also like to have access to the weights, show respect and enable them.

9. You should be aware that you look like a fool when you wear your belt during your entire workout. Remember that!

10. Guys, there is no need to breathe especially loud when women are present.

11. Show respect to women and do not stare at them all the time. During training, the genitals have a break.

12. Offer yourself to a woman as a spotter on bench press only if she asks you about it. She certainly does not find it pleasant when her genitals dangle only a few inches from her forehead.

13. Men who wear gloves do not stand upright between hard-hitting guys. Calluses on the hands are trophies!

14. Train your legs, no exception!

15. Your shaker must contain more than just water, it's not for nothing that it's designed for mixing fluid and a supplement.

16. Never take the weights off a barbell unless you are 120% sure that they will not use anyone anyway.

17. Do not free dumbbells and benches unless you are 121% sure that they are currently not used.

18. It is strictly forbidden to even slightly move the exercise bag of a training colleague. The same goes for shakers, towels and other personal items.

19. Do not give unwanted advice in the gym. If you see someone wrong, that's not your problem. If you want your advice, you will explicitly ask for help.

20. Keep a reasonable distance from athletes who are currently in a set.

21. Do not stand directly behind someone who trains in front of a mirror. That's scary!

22. Cheat out to experienced athletes sayings like: "Before my tragic injury, I bent 300 kilograms and pushed 200 kilograms.

23. The Multipress is only used for "Inverted Rows", squats and bench presses in the Multipress do not count!

24. If you are not sure how a device works, ask. Nothing is more embarrassing than standing on the dipping machine with two 20-kilogram discs and strapped dipping belt.

25. Letting the bar drip off the chest during bench press is neither very "hardcore" nor effective. Focus on a clean shape.

26. 8-station circuit training is not welcome at peak times.

27. Load your barbell neatly. It makes no sense to hide a 5-kilogram disc behind a 25-kilogram disc.

28. Do not aim aimlessly at a machine you do not use. Other athletes might misunderstand this.

29. Always take large discs first when loading the barbell. By loading with ten five kilograms of slices, your training weight does not work any higher.

30. Under no circumstances address training colleagues wearing headphones - they will not hear you anyway.

31. Fend off burpees and jumping rope in busy areas of the gym.

32. If someone asks you if he can take turns with you, you should allow him to do so.

33. Never speak to someone who is completing a sentence. No way!

34. Never go to a "very" massive athlete and ask him what supplements he uses.

35. In the gym is not farted! Do this before training.

36. Leave other practitioners in the locker room alone while naked.

37. "Walking Lunges" are not performed on the main thoroughfare.

38. On devices, no SMS, e-mail or other text messages are typed on the smartphone. If you really want to write, go where you do not disturb other athletes.

39. Do not bother newbies in the studio. People go to the gym to work out and not to listen to your certainly interesting life story. Who really wants to talk to you, will let you know.

40. Do not interrupt the repetition of another exerciser by touching the bar. As a spotter, it is your job to intervene only when the exerciser gets problems.

41. If you are one of the people who start sweating at the sight of a pole, you should definitely bring a towel for training.

42. The water dispenser does not spit!

43. You do not have to throw the weights around after a sentence to prove how hard you train. After a particularly heavy sentence that is ok, but otherwise taboo.

44. If you're a smoker, make sure that you do not smell like an ashtray when you enter the gym. No one wants to smell cigarette smoke during exercise.

45. Leave the Bluetooth headset in the locker room. Hardly anything irritates other studio members more than when they feel addressed by difficult to locate scraps of conversation.

46. ​​Never try to play Spotter while deadlifting.

47. Never make eye contact with someone using the adductor machine.

48. No selfies are made in the studio!

49. Do not come into the studio with an extremely stuffed bag. Adjust the contents of your training bag.

50. Do not perform "dangerous" exercises in areas that are heavily frequented. If you really want to perform squats on a Bosu Ball, do it in a quiet corner where you do not endanger anyone.

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