You will probably feel like most strength athletes whose progress is progressing on the principle of "two steps before and one back". If muscle building often slows you down a bit, or you just want to build faster muscle, this article is for you, because stagnation and lack of progress are often the result of very inconspicuous mistakes that are difficult to detect , In the following we want to turn to the 5 biggest mistakes and of course the question, how you can easily avoid them.

Error 1 - Too high sugar consumption

Most of us know that overconsumption of sugar can trigger a nutritional disaster, as it not only results in high levels of insulin levels and associated food cravings, but also increases the risk of obesity development. However, what few recreational athletes have in mind is the insulin resistance forced by high sugar consumption, which is an absolute worst-case scenario for muscle growth. This is simply because the large amount of concentrated simple sugars provides for such an insulin secretion, so that our cells build up a resistance to this anabolic hormone and thus essential for the development of muscle. Result of the thus impaired glucose uptake and the resulting high blood sugar concentration is diabetes. Other consequences of sugar surplus is also a suboptimal protein synthesis, which of course is anything but conducive to muscle growth. The solution to the problem actually seems clear: Avoid all foods that contain large amounts of simple sugars if possible. These include, of course, the usual suspects such as donuts, cakes, biscuits and other sweets. As already mentioned at the beginning, however, it is also the small things that are the tip of the scales, because it is often not the obvious sources of sugar that cause problems, but the hidden sugars. Even if foods such as breakfast cereals, fruit smoothies, various breads, coffee and even sushi contain comparatively small amounts of simple sugars, they may accumulate in large quantities, which results in a significant effect on insulin regulation. So to be on the safe side, it is imperative that you look at the labels of all your food. Thus, you can identify high-sugar foods and control their consumption accordingly.

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Error 2 - Too low training intensity

The most important principle for building muscle is simply the training intensity, because only if this is high enough, a sufficient training stimulus can be set, which is associated with the release of growth hormones. After all, if you do not push your muscles sufficiently when training through the progressive overload, there is no need for your body to gain muscle. In any case, make sure that you request your muscles every single workout. The easiest way to do this is to set the goal of increasing the training load as part of each workout by increasing the training weight, increasing the number of sets, or even performing one more repetition per set. Even this extra repetition can be crucial. But for the whole concept to work, it's important that you document your training in a training log and track your progress there as well.

Error 3 - Deficient supplementation

In order to avoid misunderstandings at this point, we would like to make it clear that a balanced diet consisting of wholefood foods is the alpha and omega for building muscle. Nonetheless, dietary supplements, and among them especially the proteins, are part of an optimal diet for muscle building. Especially when it comes to maximizing muscle growth or overcoming a stubborn plateau. Unlike previous decades, we now have more protein products available. Due to scientific research in the field of biochemistry, physiology and sports science, we also know which proteins or amino acids affect our body in a certain way. This also gives you the opportunity to eliminate individual deficits that are barely or not possible to eliminate via your normal diet. Noteworthy at this point, for example, the targeted supplementation of L-glutamine to promote regeneration. Of course, in the face of countless products, it is not easy to keep track of what makes sense and what does not. With a bit of training and research in our article archive, you'll surely come across all the information you need to select the right supplements.

Error 4 - Excessive daily activity

Our life is getting more and more hectic. This is especially noticeable in our ever-growing diary, which not only causes us to go through the day running rampant, but also to eat between the hook or to let one or the other meal altogether. In addition, of course, there will be strength and cardio training. There are exactly two issues that have a negative impact on muscle growth. First, the high energy consumption, which is not compensated by a sufficient food exception. So it is of course not possible to build significant amounts of muscle, especially since a calorie surplus is necessary. However, you can track down this problem comparatively easily by keeping a food diary. The easiest way to do this is with the help of a corresponding app that also helps you to optimally plan your diet with regard to the calorie quantity and the macronutrient distribution. The second big problem is the lack of regeneration that results from the excessive daily activity. Without allowing your body and your mind the proper rest periods, little will be done in terms of muscle growth. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the muscles can grow adequately only during rest. On the other hand, however, mental regeneration is critical because it is the only way to reduce the release of stress hormones, which in turn reduces catabolic processes.

Error 5 - Negativity

As many psychological studies have shown, our mental attitude plays a much bigger role in our lives than we think. This also affects muscle growth. This impression is confirmed when you ask successful people what really made them successful. Often it is not even an innate talent among athletes, for example, but simply the will to do something. In return, it is the other way around with people who go through life with a rather negative attitude. For example, anyone who thinks he'll never make it, will most likely never, unless he changes his mindset. According to the psychological findings, this is due to a kind of self-conditioning of the brain, which constantly negative thoughts arise actual blockages, which in turn have very practical effects on life. So it's time to banish negative thoughts from your life and see every challenge in strength training as a chance and not an insurmountable hurdle. Set yourself a well-defined goal and pursue it with emphasis. Even if it sounds weird, it can be very helpful if you keep saying out loud in front of the mirror: "I can do it!" After a while, this conditioning almost automatically leads to successes ,

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