Who's with you for the first time Beta alanine first comes to terms with numerous myths and legends, as is the case with other supplements such as creatine. Since these are now frozen in the memory of many recreational athletes, it is time to start a counter-offensive. Accordingly, we would like to bring some clarity to the matter and, in the context of this article, give you five things that you should absolutely know about this useful supplement.

1 - Train harder and longer

Taking Beta Alanine can help you push your personal limits. As confirmed by, among other things, a US study conducted with college football players, the strength-specific performance increases by one to two repetitions within a repetition range of eight to fifteen passes per set. Leading sports scientists also suggest based on the study findings that the targeted use of the dietary supplement can increase muscle endurance by up to 2.5 percent. In this context, it was also revealed that the use of beta alanine has a positive effect on sprint interval training performance. The bottom line is that the supplement is not only suitable for strength athletes, but also for endurance athletes.

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2 - Improved fat burning

Obviously, there is no legal dietary supplement that can make your body fat disappear as if by magic without much help on your part. This fact also applies to the intake of beta alanine. Nevertheless, in the relevant literature on sport science, small but not negligible connections between the action of beta alanine and an increased energy turnover are produced. However, due to the currently incomplete state of research on the biogenic amine of aspartic acid, it was not possible to prove conclusively on which physiological processes the measurable effect is based. Commonly, the theory is argued that the increased turnover of fatty acids can be explained both with the increased performance potential and directly with the increased endurance capability of the musculature.

3 - Synergetic effect with creatine

Science science circles now believe that creatine supplementation and beta alanine supplementation are more powerful in improving performance than taking a single product separately. This finding is based on the fact that the human organism has several energy delivery mechanisms, each affected by the two substances. While creatine is particularly noticeable in the area of ​​essential phosphate metabolism for strength training, the biogenic amine of aspartic acid increases the capacity of the glycolytic energy metabolism. The latter effect ergo on the endurance of your muscles, which performance gains, especially in training in hypertrophy are recorded. So if you want to get the most out of your body with the help of supplements, you should always consider the above-mentioned supplement combination.


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4 - The supplement timing does not matter

For years, it has been touted as a pre-workout product that can only be fully effective by taking it before training. In reality, however, it is not necessary to take the product before training. On the contrary, the approach is rather counterproductive, since beta alanine can only be absorbed suboptimally without a suitable carrier matrix. So you do not need to pay attention to the timing when using such products. However, it is important that you eat something in parallel with the intake or mix the supplement, for example, with a quantity of about 30 grams of maltodextrin, which in this case acts as a minimalistic transport matrix.

5 - How to avoid unpleasant tingling

Anyone who has ever used beta alanine will remember the tingling sensation that nearly captures the entire body within a few minutes of ingestion and can sometimes last half an hour. Although this feeling is due solely to the increased blood flow due to a high single dose and of course is completely harmless, it is unpleasant for many exercisers. If you are one of those athletes who feel disturbed by tingling, you should divide the total daily dose, which varies from 2.6 to 6.4 grams, depending on your body weight, over several doses. As already mentioned, you are free to choose the intake times.


Finally, beta alanine is an effective dietary supplement that can be used primarily in combination with creatine to improve performance and optimize fat loss. So before you put unnecessary money in the most adventurous supplements, you should rather resort to a good beta alanine.


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