If you travel a lot, you often have the problem that you do not have enough time to visit the gym. Especially in a foreign city or environment, it often takes a long time to find the right gym. Then you have to choose the right equipment or the right course, so you can maintain your training method. For this target group, we have put together the following five workouts, which can easily be done while traveling and on the move without large equipment. The individual exercises train the most important muscle groups and are easy to exercise in any place. Most exercises are done with your own body weight. The important thing is always the correct number of repetitions, which often has to be completed in a certain time. If the individual exercises are too heavy for you, you can either omit them or replace them with other exercises similar to the movement. Pay attention to the correct execution of the individual exercises and try to increase the number of repetitions during the next training.

Crossfit - Workout 1:

Circuit Training - 10 minutes (as many rounds as possible) 1st Burpees - 10 Wdhl. 2. Air Squats - 20 Wdhl. 3. Sit-ups - 30 Wdhl. Try to complete the individual exercises one after another without a break. Make a note of the completed number of individual repetitions and try to increase the number of repetitions at the next training session. Pay attention to the correct number of repetitions per exercise.

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Crossfit - Workout 2:

Circuit Training - 5 laps 1. Handstand Pushups - 5 Wdhl. 2. Jumping Lunges - 10 Wdhl. per leg 3. Mountain Climbers - 15 Wdhl. 4th Sprint - 200m Each round should be done with the given number of repetitions. If the handstand pushups are too heavy for you, you can do normal pushups as well. Try to keep the 5 laps. If you can not walk 200 meters then you should do it for 30 seconds at a fast pace.

Crossfit - Workout 3:

Exercise time: 20 minutes - each exercise is performed for one minute 1st minute 2nd Burpees - 10 reps 2nd minute Box Jumpes - 15 dials or Step Ups - 15 Wdhl. 3rd Minute Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings - 20 Wdhl. From the 4th minute: start again with Burpees Each exercise should be carried out with the specified repetitions within one minute. If you have finished the exercise before the end of a minute, you can take a little break until the full next minute starts again. Since you should last a full 20 minutes, you will quickly notice that towards the end of the training time, the breaks are getting shorter and shorter. The reason is the longer time you need for each repetition.

Crossfit - Workout 4:

Circuit Training (1 lap) 1. 800m running (eg on the treadmill) 2. Pushups - 50 repetitions 3. Air Squats - 100 Wdhl. 4. Sit-ups - 150 Wdhl. 5. 800m running The high number of repetitions of the individual exercises makes this circuit training very exhausting, so that one lap is completely sufficient. If you are unable to complete the specified number of repetitions, do as much repetition as you can and then try to reach the specified number of repetitions next time.

Crossfit - Workout 5:

Circuit Training - 15 minutes 1. Pistol Squats - 10 Wdhl. 2. Pull-ups - 10 Wdhl. 3. Box Jumps - 10 Wdhl. 4. Pushups - 10 Wdhl. 5. Sit-ups - 10 Wdhl. The Pistol Squats exercise is for advanced athletes. You stretch one leg forward and go with the other leg deep in the squat. If you are unable to exercise Pistol Squats freehand, for example, you can cling to a wall to keep your balance. If this version too heavy, then you can perform normal squats. Box Jumps can be carried out on a bench or a sturdy chair. If you do not have the opportunity to do pull-ups, then you can skip this exercise and do only four exercises. Take your time well, as 15 minutes can be a very long time.

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