40 Rules for the Definition - Part 3

40 Regeln für die Definition - Teil 3 1

Tip 28 - Optimize your pre- and post-workout diet

Just because you want to be defined does not mean you have to erase every gram of sugar from your diet. Provide your body a few hours before, and immediately after training with short-chain carbohydrates, to have energy in training and then accelerate the recovery of glycogen stores.

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Tip 29 - Do not forget the micronutrients

In addition to monitoring your macronutrient needs, you should not neglect the supply of essential micronutrients such as vitamins and fiber. Accordingly, you should take a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains.

Tip 30 - Mix your smoothies a bit longer

If you let the blender run for a little longer, the proportion of air that bubbles up under the liquid increases. Thanks to this extra volume, a longer-lasting smoothie will keep you longer.

Tip 31 - Use creatine

Even if you are looking for a perfect definition, you should continue to take creatine, for example, to keep your strength level close.

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Tip 32 - Supplement L-Theanine

The metabolic stress in the context of a diet, especially your nervous system suffers, which often leads to overload. The amino acid L-theanine discovered in tea has a calming effect and thus helps to prevent and counteract the overload of your nervous system.

Tip 33 - Breathe deeply

You should inhale and exhale deeply during exercise to optimize the oxygenation of your muscles in training, which will allow you to do more.

Tip 34 - Do not eat too often

As a study by the University of Missouri shows, it makes more sense to eat 4 larger meals per day than 7 small ones, as this produces a better satiety effect.

Tip 35 - Endurance training is an important component of the definition

Although intensive interval training is great for burning calories, you should occasionally count on moderate cardio workouts in the pulse range of about 130-140 beats per minute to promote your overall fitness.

Tip 36 - Focus on what you are doing

Since every organism is different, you will often be confronted with the fact that you lose different amounts of fat in different places or your weight stagnates even once over two weeks. But instead of breaking your head, you should focus on nourishing yourself and training hard. Success in the form of the desired definition then comes by itself.

Tip 37 - Plan for the worst case

Be optimistic about your goals, but stay realistic. If you can not reach your daily goals, you should have a Plan B ready to respond. For example, provide a supply of pre-cooked meals when you are tired of shopping, or catch a skipped workout on another day.

Tip 38 - Say goodbye to the drawer thinking

Dividing foods into "good" and "bad" diets may work in the short term, but in the long run this attitude becomes a problem. From time to time, you should also allow yourself to grab a burger or chips, as long as this is part of your macronutrient distribution and it remains the exception.

Tip 39 - Sleep is important for the definition

Both calorie deficit and hard training exhaust your body. Accordingly, it is important to have a healthy sleep that you should treat yourself in any case, to maintain your performance. About 7-9 hours are optimal.

Tip 40 - Move your training weights evenly

Metabolic-oriented training is often equated with fast movements, which is a fallacy, however, because in this context, especially with momentum is worked. Therefore, to maximize the effect, always make sure that you focus and repeat each repetition. A repeat should take about 3 seconds.