Tip 15 - Drink green tea

In addition to numerous health-promoting antioxidants, green tea also contains a considerable amount of caffeine, which stimulates your circulation and is particularly important in the definition.

Tip 16 - Use fish oil capsules

If you do not like fish or just do not get enough fish, you should buy quality fish oil capsules to meet your need for essential omega-3 fatty acids.

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Tip 17 - Train hard

In order to preserve most of your muscles, you should not make the mistake of significantly increasing the repetition number and lowering the training weight within the scope of the definition. In this case, your body adjusts to the changed load and builds off "superfluous" muscle tissue preferentially. Exercise accordingly with heavy weights as before the definition phase to minimize muscle loss.

Tip 18 - Take advantage of caffeine

If you feel drowsy before training, you should push yourself with a cup of green tea, coffee or a caffeine supplement, so that you can get close to full performance despite your reduced energy levels during training.


Tip 19 - Basic exercises are the key to perfect definition

Do more basic exercises to maximize your body so that it can not afford to break down valuable muscle. In addition, the practice of basic exercises results in significantly increased calorie consumption, since significantly more muscles are recruited than is the case in the context of isolation exercises.

Tip 20 - Move away from the training as well

Aside from training, you should also keep your activity level high to easily increase your energy consumption. Walk around the apartment while on the phone, take the stairs instead of the lift, or take a short relaxing walk.

Tip 21 - Slowly increase the cardio content

At some point, you will come to a point where you can not increase the intensity of the strength training to burn additional energy. Instead, use slow cardio workouts that increase in volume as your diet progresses.

Tip 22 - Sprint now and then

Complete your training schedule with one to two twenty-minute interval training sessions in the context of which you are sprinting. This is an ideal way to keep your metabolism busy and burn some calories.

Tip 23 - Shorten your sentence breaks

Reducing your sentence pauses not only increases the training stimulus that affects your muscles, but also causes some extra calories to burn, due to the high-level heartbeat.

Tip 24 - Avoid muscle failure

If your goal is to reduce your body fat percentage, you should not train to muscle failure, as this will significantly increase the recovery time for your already stressed metabolism.

Tip 25 - Set goals

You are on a mission, and every mission has a goal. Set goals and define milestones that are on the way to your goal to track your progress and uplift your motivation.

Tip 26 - Find a mentor

If you want to reach your goal safely, you need someone to help you with your project and drive you when things are not going so well. Either competent (!) Trainers in the studio or friends who are more experienced than you are ideally suited for this purpose.

Tip 27 - Visualize your success

To achieve your goal, imagine in your mind's eye how you want to look "definition" at the end of your mission. Also, write down how you will feel when you reach your goal and why you are pursuing this goal at all.


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