Motivated by a number of role models from the media or personal environment, countless men and women start weight training every year to sustainably change their bodies by building muscle. As it is at However, building muscle is about more than stupid weights, it is not surprising that a large proportion of these athletes remain largely unsuccessful and even after years of little progress. To get you started right from the start and not waste your precious life time with unnecessary mistakes, we have listed in this article 28 iron laws of strength training to help you with this To optimize muscle growth.


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1 - Only those who warm up well can move heavy weights sensibly

As you surely know, the condition requires muscle building moving heavy weights, but without a sufficient warm-up program, you will never be able to move the weights necessary to set the optimal growth stimulus, since only pre-activated muscle fibers are capable of delivering peak performance. In this context, the rule of thumb is: "The heavier the weight, the more extensive the warm-up program." Warming up also prevents the occurrence of injuries that often throw you back a month in the context of building muscle.

2 - repetitions are the key size

The first question beginners ask is what weight should be moved to gain muscle. Contrary to the assumption of many exercisers, however, it is the combination of training weight and repetition rate that determines whether you primarily build muscle or primarily train strength and endurance. The repeat range for the optimum Muscle build-up is between 8-12 reps, making sure that twelve is the absolute maximum.

3 - Do not overdo it with the training volume

Even if you want to spend the whole day in the studio especially at the beginning of your training career, you should be aware that your body has to get used to the strain in the first few months. Accordingly, it is perfectly sufficient to allow a maximum of 12 for large muscle groups and a maximum of 6-8 sets per workout for smaller muscles such as the biceps, otherwise you run the risk of overtraining.

4 - Watch for a stable footing

In exercises such as Militarypress, you should be on a stable footing, as you have to expend significantly less force during the course of the exercise for the subsequent stabilization of your body. Conversely, you have more energy available for moving the weight.

5 - Retain your sentence breaks

By keeping 60-90 second pauses between each set, you can ensure that your body can recover by now, so you can go to the next set with more energy. If you undercut the sentence breaks drastically, this of course has a negative effect on your performance, which also sets an optimal growth stimulus for the optimal Muscle building inhibits.


6 - Increase the load continuously

Since muscle fibers can adapt very quickly to given loads, it is essential that you regularly increase your exercise performance, which can be done either in the form of additional repetitions or the choice of a higher weight. If you neglect this, the Muscle building will sooner or later stagnate.

7 - Change the handle variant

In order to set a new attraction, it is not always necessary to increase the weight, because even the change of the grip variant, in the course of which the traction angle of the muscles changes, is already able to set a new growth stimulus, as this the muscle represents a new movement. As an example, you can use the undergrip instead of the top grip when barbell rowing.

8 - Pay attention to absolute body tension in every exercise

You've probably ever seen the species "curling rocking dachshund" in the studio, which is known to rock back and forth rhythmically with each dumbbell? This behavior not only trains the target muscle only suboptimally, but also causes the development of the torso musculature that is responsible for stabilizing the body, as it can not fulfill its task. So if you have an optimal one Strive for muscle growth, you should always pay attention to a healthy body tension.

9 - Athletic appear

Since very few of us are born with such a low body fat score that will bring out the V-shape of the upper body, you should not go into a strict diet right at the beginning, but focus on training the upper back to to create the illusion of a V-body.

10 - Use mainly free weights

Even though most gyms offer you countless devices and machines, you should focus on using free weights for your training, as this is the only way to optimally train your intermuscular coordination, and in the end, you can move more weight, which is positive for yours Muscle structure affects.

11 - Take advantage of drop sets

In order to best utilize your target muscles, you should perform the last set for each muscle group in the form of a drop set. This means, in plain language, that you train with the current weight until you can not make another repetition. Then you reduce the weight and do as many repetitions as you can. Optimal for the Muscle building is 3-4 passes.

12 - Falsification is allowed

Normally you should always pay attention to a clean form during strength training to protect your joints and the connective tissue. In order to bring the musculature at the end of a sentence up to their performance limit, however, the falsification within the last 1-2 repetitions is allowed and expedient. If you falsify already at the beginning of the sentence, the weight you use is simply too heavy and takes place with you Muscle building premature cause joint wear.

13 - Perform an exercise in reverse sequence

Due to their starting position, many exercises give us the opportunity to complete the movement with the help of the generated elastic energy with less effort. In order to increase the effort, you should reverse the movement of the corresponding exercises from time to time to increase the load. For example, start with bench press with your weight on the sternum, but you should definitely assist two trusted persons. Alternatively, the execution in Powerrack offers.

14 - Supersets release forces

As recent scientific studies show, the use of antagonistic supersets not only speeds up your training, but also causes you to gain a small boost in strength, among other things, by activating your muscles, which in fact enables you to move more weight.

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